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標題: [瘋狂行徑] 牧師伙同二教友虐待13歲男童並逼他挖自已的墳 [打印本頁]

作者: 雪晶湖    時間: 2014/7/15 15:08     標題: 牧師伙同二教友虐待13歲男童並逼他挖自已的墳


2014/07/15 03:50
這母親和兩個孩子住在由崇拜心社區教會(the Heart of Worship Community Church)經營的一家庭群體;
基督郵報報導,孩子的母親據說曾請牧師 Lonny Lee Remmers和另外兩名教友Nicholas James Craig 及 Darryll Duane Jeter“要教她的兒子成為男人”。然後用致命武器攻擊男孩並強迫他挖一個墳墓,威脅要活埋他。 宣誓書說,“ [男孩]說,他挖了一個半小時。隨後被迫入洞,並被告知取決於他的決定,能否活著離開小孩擔心會被殺死,懇求對方給他一次機會,他企圖爬出洞時還被用腰帶打,最後才爬出洞 當男孩爬出洞後還繼續被縛在椅子上虐待,又被狼牙棒打臉 牧師9月26日將宣判,法庭提二年入監,另二人各判一年在家監禁及三年緩刑
Pastor, Two Church Members Force Boy to Dig His Own Grave after He Raped 7-Year-Old Sister

The pastor and two members of a California church have pleaded guilty to torturing a 13-year-old boy and forcing him to dig his own grave after he raped his younger sister.

The mother and two children were staying in a group home operated by the Heart of Worship Community Church;

the mother allegedly asked Pastor and two other men to “teach her son to be a man” reports the Christian Post. Remmers, , Jr. then assaulted the boy with a deadly weapon and forced him to dig a grave where the men threatened to bury him alive.

The affidavit says, “[The boy] said he dug for one to one and-a-half hours. He was then told to get into the hole and was told that depending on how he acts would determine if he would leave alive."

“[Redacted] said he was afraid he was going to be killed and begged both Nick and DJ for one more chance. [Redacted] said he tried to get out of the hole, Nick and DJ began to throw dirt onto him. [Redacted] feared he was going to be buried alive. He was also struck with belts as he tried to get out of the hole. [Redacted] was eventually let out of the hole…"

The abuse continued when the boy was returned to the group home, where the men tied him to a chair and sprayed mace in his face.

Pastor Remmers’ sentence will be released on Sept. 26; the district court is pushing for two years in prison. Craig and Jeter both received a year of home confinement and three years of probation.

Riverside County District Attorney’s Office spokesman John Hall said, “"There were new developments, which we will not be discussing, that caused us to believe this was the best disposition for all those involved. The victim and his family did not want this to proceed to trial, and we also considered that aspect."

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