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標題: [數據資料] 無神論者的智慧比信徒高 [打印本頁]

作者: 抽刀斷水    時間: 2008/3/12 11:19     標題: 無神論者的智慧比信徒高

Statistically, atheists have a higher intelligence than people with a strong religious faith. The difference is 5.8 points, according to a new study by the Danish professor of developmental psychology, Helmuth Nyborg.

The study was conducted at Aarhus University using American date from more than 7000 subjects.

The Danish professor is a highly controversial academician who has previously provoked outrage by concluding that White people are generally more intelligent than Black people, and in 2002 that men have a higher average intelligence than women – while there are more men than women with very low intelligence.

Last year the professor was fired from Aarhus university following criticism from a panel of experts who criticised his research, but the verdict was changed to a correction for negligence after both Danish and American researchers argued that he was the victim of a witch hunt because his results were not “politically correct”.

Helmuth Nyborg belongs to that branch of psychologists who believe that intelligence depends more on genetic factors than environment.

The type of intelligence that he measures is the so-called g-factor, which is a measure of the ability of the brain to handle complex information.

Other brain researchers and psychologists say that the brain changes over time, including the intelligence, and some also work with different categories of intelligence, such as social, creative and musical intelligence.

Helmuth Nyborg says that the rankings from intelligence test made by the age of six usually still stands 60 years later regardless of the education the test subjects have achieved. Education does not influence intelligence, but intelligence often determines the length of the education, according to the professor.

Not surprisingly, Helmuth Nyborg has been accused of being a Nazi, at one point over a statement saying that it may become a problem for the average intelligence of future societies that highly intelligent people produce relatively few children.

The professor denies the accusation and says that he was taught from an early age to despise Nazism. He also says he will continue publishing his studies, regardless of controversies.

Is atheism a new leap in evolution or is the concept of "god" a delusion as Dawkins claims? A controversial Danish professor now hints that people with lower intelligence may be attracted to religion.

Mon Feb 5, 2007 4:50 PM EST
作者: 抽刀斷水    時間: 2008/3/12 11:22

作者: 抽刀斷水    時間: 2008/3/12 11:24     標題: 篤信宗教與教育水平或智商

美國的邁克社莫(Michael Shermer)在他的書《我們如何信仰-在科學時代裡尋找神》,描述他和另一位同事弗蘭克林從隨機選擇的美國人裡所作的一個大型調查有關篤信宗教與教育水平,或篤信宗教與智商(IQ)的統計關係。



作者: derSee    時間: 2008/3/12 20:43

走去為 "耶神傳福音" ,讓更多人可以上天堂?

原帖由 抽刀斷水 於 2008-3-12 11:24 發表
美國的邁克社莫(Michael Shermer)在他的書《我們如何信仰-在科學時代裡尋找神》,描述他和另一位同事弗蘭克林從隨機選擇的美國人裡所作的一個大型調查有關篤信宗教與教育水平,或篤信宗教與智商(IQ)的統計關係。

其中一些有 ...

作者: dye    時間: 2008/3/12 20:46

Since you are at it, here is a solution to avoid conflicts that worth a read for Cristian, or non-Christian.

[url= ... ot-cross-frontiers/] ... ot-cross-frontiers/[/url]

"In other words, the solution to war — that is, to move a society from a warlike existence to a peacelike existence — is not to be found in a particular type of government or religion or ideology or worldview; it is in a particular type of social process called trade. The evolutionary origin of trade may have been political alliances, but one of the unintended consequences is that trade produces a division of labor that generates more goods, for more people, more of the time."

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作者: 抽刀斷水    時間: 2008/3/13 10:25

原帖由 dye 於 2008-3-12 20:46 發表 ... ot-cross-frontiers/

Wooo.... page not found
作者: dye    時間: 2008/3/13 10:47

The name of the article is :Where Goods Do Not Cross Frontiers, Armies Will

Check under "Essay"

I am unable to open many website in Mainland.  The censorship here is crippling (I have this feeling every time I am here)

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作者: prussianz    時間: 2008/3/13 16:13

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The name of the article is :Where Goods Do Not Cross Frontiers, Armies Will

Check under "Essay"

I am unable to open many we ...

I am unable to open many website in Mainland.  The censorship here is crippling (I have this feeling every time I am here)

ThANKs 4////for thou////you////u art////are////'r in other words providing the evidence for that
離教者之家 's////has been recognised as o k after their scrutinisation 4//for ,,,,due-dilligence'''''

cheers ThANKye
作者: M2    時間: 2008/3/14 16:30

林前1:26 弟兄們哪、可見你們蒙召的、按著肉體有智慧的不多、有能力的不多、有尊貴的也不多.
作者: 沙文    時間: 2008/3/14 16:38     標題: 回復 9# M2 的帖子


作者: 抽刀斷水    時間: 2008/3/14 19:56

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作者: 沙文    時間: 2008/3/14 20:11     標題: 回復 11# 抽刀斷水 的帖子

作者: weakest    時間: 2008/3/14 23:29

作者: prussianz    時間: 2008/3/15 02:27

, very innovativly , very germanly////pertinently , well very well !!!!!!!!! cheers ThANK-ye

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作者: 迷彩朱古力    時間: 2008/3/22 01:40

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林前1:26 弟兄們哪、可見你們蒙召的、按著肉體有智慧的不多、有能力的不多、有尊貴的也不多. ...



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作者: prussianz    時間: 2008/3/23 06:00

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sorry , 1 of their quite possible answers4u : ::::::::::

中咗毒o既  係 你 ,
你都係中咗 離教 , 離教者之家 o既 毒 !


作者: 抽刀斷水    時間: 2008/9/21 23:06     標題: 北愛爾蘭學者研究稱:IQ較高的人群較不信神

2008-06-13 16:02:16








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