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標題: [數據資料] YMCA Kicks Out Camp for Atheists [打印本頁]

作者: 沙文    時間: 2007/3/14 14:20     標題: YMCA Kicks Out Camp for Atheists

HAMILTON, Ohio (AP) - A summer camp tailoring to atheist and agnostic children won't be held at a Butler County campground after a Christian group that runs the campground declined to renew their contract.
Camp Quest says it caters to youths who question religion and teaches critical thinking and scientific inquiry. Next year it will move from Camp Campbell Gard to a Clinton County location.
The YMCA, which runs the campground, says neither a spate of recent publicity nor the group's philosophy prompted the break. Rather, it says the group violated a contract provision requiring them to get approval of publicity by providing photos of the camp to a reporter.
Camp Quest Board President Amanda Metskas disagrees and says she feels the YMCA was uncomfortable being linked with atheists. ... mp_for_Atheists.htm

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