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作者: 沙文    時間: 2007/3/20 16:55     標題: 【轉載】 唔信移鼠大聖都有獎

theist Congressman Honored
March 14, 2007 - The American Humanist Association is honoring California Congressman Pete Stark because he's an atheist.
The group put an ad in the Washington Post congratulating Stark.
The California Democrat tells The Associated Press that he's "a Unitarian who does not believe in a Supreme Being."
Unitarian Universalism is creedless, allowing members to shape their own beliefs.
Stark said, "I look forward to working with the Secular Coalition to stop the promotion of narrow religious beliefs in science, marriage contracts, the military and the provision of social services."
Stark's beliefs gained attention after the Secular Coalition for America offered a $1,000 prize to the person who could identify the "highest level atheist, agnostic, humanist or any other kind of non-theist currently holding elected public office in the United States."

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