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Cleric From Darien Admits Stealing Church's Money

NEW HAVEN - A former Darien pastor pleaded guilty Wednesday to stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of church money by setting up secret bank ac ...

this case ,
probably only a tip of 'the iceberg ,
99.xx% of which 's potentially lying beneath the sea-levels , i.e. invisible ,
who knows ??
God knows

Church of Christ pastor charged with indecency

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A pastor at the Greggton Church of Christ on Marshall Avenue was jailed Thursday after admitting to molesting a relative, according to a report by the Longview Police Department.
Charles Thomas Hogland, 58, of Longview told police he inappropriately touched the girl at least six separate times, according to the report. He has been charged with indecency with a child by contact, a second-degree felony, and was released from jail about 2 p.m. Friday on $25,000 bond.
Hogland was interviewed by a Longview police detective Thursday after the relative he molested made an "outcry," according to the police report. Hogland told the detective that each incident happened in the church parsonage, where he and his wife reside, according to the report. Hogland is the only pastor at Greggton Church of Christ, which has a congregation of about 50, he said.
He has been there for about 10 years.
Churches of Christ operate under a board of elders.
Hogland said he and the elders will see what action the congregation wants to take.
http://www.news-journal.com/sear ... astor_arrested.html
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新聞來源:《東 方 日 報》


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Pastor pleads guilty to child porn charges


NEW CASTLE - A former pastor of a Slippery Rock Township church pleaded guilty this week to two counts of possession of child pornography.
No sentencing date has been set for Robert D. Schmidtberger, 52, but prosecutors recommended a sentence of 12 months minus two days to 24 months minus four days with 15 years' probation.
Lawrence County Judge Thomas Piccione, who oversaw the guilty plea, ordered a psychological assessment to determine whether Schmidtberger might be a violent sexual predator.
After his release, Schmidtberger will be required to register with the state police under the provisions of Megan's Law.
State police filed the charges based on information provided by the America Online Internet service, which periodically reviews subscribers' e-mails. A review on March 12, 2005, detected three e-mails that included images that depicted child pornography.
AOL personnel matched the sender's screen name to Schmidtberger and notified the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which contacted the state police.
The address on Schmidtberger's online account, 468 Rose Point Road, was that of Rose Point Reformed Presbyterian Church. That was also listed with the office of Lawrence County District Attorney John Bongivengo as Schmidtberger's home address.
The district attorney's office reported that, at the time charges were filed in 2005, Rose Point Reformed Presbyterian Church's Web site listed Schmidtberger as its pastor. The church's Web site now lists no pastor and says weekly sermons are given by guest pastors.
A call Thursday afternoon to the church was not returned.
Police searched Schmidtberger's residence and seized computers and other electronic devices. An examination of those devices turned up the images of child pornography on 15 CD-ROMs.
http://www.ellwoodcityledger.com ... id=563781&rfi=6
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County employees, ministers charged

Saturday, January 26, 2008

CHICAGO | Cook County prosecutors on Friday announced a variety of felony indictments against eight people -- including three county employees and three ministers -- in a series of alleged fraud schemes against government agencies that reportedly cost more than $1.6 million.
"This is particularly shocking because much of this money was intended to help impoverished individuals looking to better themselves," Cook County State's Attorney Dick Devine said in a news release.
"As if that were not bad enough, three of the defendants were county employees in positions of trust and three others were trusted by their communities as ministers," he said.

Indicted were:
-- Charles Koen, the managing director of the nonprofit United Front Inc. and pastor of Christian Hope Church, 8849-59 S. Greenwood Ave., Chicago
-- Alex Brooks, vice president of United Front and a minister at Christian Hope Church
-- Ronnie Marshall, an United Front employee and a minister at Christian Hope Church
-- Joyce Norfleet, a United Front employee
-- Dorothy Taylor, a United Front employee

Three employees of (Cook County Board) President's Office of Employment Training, or POET, also were indicted. They are Rudolph Sanchez, Roberto Rivera and Ronald Harper.

POET and two other governmental agencies were solicited to retain United Front to provide training to displaced or disadvantaged workers. The other agencies were the mayor's office of Workforce Development, or MOWD, the Housing Authority of Cook County, or HACC.
Prosecutors said United Front contracted with the government agencies to provide training in the building trades, but little or no training took place. Various other crimes -- including official misconduct, intimidation and money laundering -- took place along the way as the schemes progressed, prosecutors said.
United Front and United Front Training School also are charged as corporate entities. However, the organizations are virtually bankrupt and fines are not likely, prosecutors said.
The indictments were returned last year and unsealed Friday.

The defendants:
-- Charles Koen, 62, of the 200 block of East 24th Street, Cairo. Bond set $500,000. Next court date is Feb. 2.
-- Joyce Norfleet, 61, of the 5600 block of North Artesian, Chicago. Bond set $75,000. Next court date is Feb. 2
-- Alex Brooks, 78, of the 1500 block of Commercial, Cairo. Bond set $25,000. Next court date is Feb. 2.
-- Dorothy Taylor, 49, of the 6600 block of North Ashland Avenue, Chicago. Bond set $65,000. Next court date is Feb. 2.
-- Roberto Rivera, 56, of the 1300 block of Wenonah, Berwyn. Bond set at $100,000. Next court date is Feb. 2.
-- Ronald Harper, 56, of the 17600 block of Balmoral, Hazel Crest. Bond set at $100,000. Next court date is Feb. 2.
-- Rudolph Sanchez, 64, of the 5200 block of Fence Lake NE Drive, Rio Rancho, N.M. He is awaiting an extradition hearing.
-- Ronnie Marshall, 42, of the 5700 block of West Birch, Milwaukee, Wis. He was not in custody Friday.
http://nwi.com/articles/2008/01/ ... 62573dc000f7192.txt
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Pastor Charged With Theft
A Scott County Pastor has been charged with stealing $900 from his church.
Pastor Joe Moran, of Stamping Ground Baptist Church, was arraigned this month on theft charges. He pleaded not guilty.
Moran tells 27NEWSFIRST the allegations are nothing more than a big misunderstanding. He says he made a mistake when he deposited a check for $900.50 into his personal account.
He says the check was written out to him and was sent to his personal address.
Some of the 100-member congregation have left the Church and have asked Moran to step down. But he says he did nothing wrong and that he will not be leaving.
Moran will be back in Scott County Court on February 21 for a preliminary hearing.
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Youth pastor must take anger class after road rage incident

Monday, February 4, 2008

A North Naples youth pastor charged with flashing a gun at a motorist during a road rage incident last fall was ordered Monday to take an anger management class.
Collier County Judge Vince Murphy sentenced 39-year-old Christopher Scott Thompson, 80 Logan Blvd. S. in North Naples, to the class as a condition of his six-month probationary term on a misdemeanor charge, improper exhibition of a weapon.
The case was to go to trial Monday and roughly 20 members of North Naples United Methodist Church showed up in support for the church’s NextGen pastor, who also is director of its youth congregation. Instead, Thompson pleaded no contest as part of a plea deal.
“The reason behind that is we were unsure of where the victim was,” Assistant State Attorney James Miller said after sentencing. “The victim had moved. To prove the actual charge would have been difficult. I think Mr. Thompson learned a very important lesson.”
As part of the plea, the judge withheld an adjudication of guilt, meaning that if Thompson satisfies all conditions of probation, he will not have a conviction.
Thompson was arrested at about 4 p.m. Sept. 28 after another driver, Joseph Hunter, told Collier sheriff’s deputies that a man in a white Dodge van flashed a gun at him on Logan Boulevard near the intersection with Teak Wood Drive. Deputies found Thompson at his home nearby and seized a gun from his white Dodge Caravan.
Deputies reported that Thompson told them that he got upset when he was cut off in traffic and didn’t back off the other driver. He said he had to slam on his brakes to avoid a collision but denied flashing his gun at Hunter.
Deputies charged him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and displaying a firearm during a felony. He had faced up to 15 years in a state prison on the latter charge, a second-degree felony, and five years on the other, a third-degree offense.
In November, those charges were amended to a first-degree misdemeanor and sent to county court for prosecution. He faced up to a year in county jail on the reduced charge.
Thompson’s MySpace Page says he is married with two children and lists Jesus as his hero and church officials have called him an “outstanding employee” and an “effective leader.” He remains an employee there.
After the hearing, the church’s pastor, the Rev. Ted Sauter reiterated the church’s support and noted the lack of proof against his employee.
“Chris is an exceptionally effective youth pastor and the action today justifies our decision to believe Chris’ explanation and keep Chris in good standing on our staff,” Sauter said. “In contrast to Duke University with its Lacrosse team, our leadership did not rush to judgment based upon questionable allegations, but acted in a responsible and Christian manner.’’
Pastor denied bond in student's death
Updated: 02/04/2008 04:29 PM

RALEIGH -- The pastor charged with the death of North Carolina Central University student Latrese Curtis was denied bond Monday.

On Saturday, authorities arrested Robert Lee Adams Reaves, 43, in connection with Curtis' murder. He is charged with first degree murder. His probable cause hearing is scheduled for February 25.
Reaves was living in Durham but had previously been living in South Carolina.
Last week, drivers noticed Curtis’ body along I-540 near Exit 18 and called 911. An autopsy showed the 21-year-old died after being hit a sharp object.
Reaves has a criminal past that includes a conviction on sex charges while he was the pastor of a church in South Carolina as well as charges for financial card theft and larceny of a motor vehicle.
Authorities are still investigating the type of relationship Reaves had with Curtis and if anyone else was involved in her death. Neighbors say they never saw the victim around his home.
“Through the investigation we have found out they have met each other,” Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said. “We are still looking into that, this investigation is still ongoing, will there be another arrest, we still don't know yet. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, and a lot of things, and a lot of people to talk to."
A memorial service for Curtis took place Monday in Carteret County. She attended NCCU and worked part-time at the Sears store at Triangle Town Center in North Raleigh. She was married in April.
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你諗吓,如困你見到個古惑仔平時打打殺殺,但收咗工又拖阿婆過馬路又捐錢咁...唔通又要指住佢 ...

but ,
sorry, this time could i not agree w/ thee ,

呢d野 , 一定同佢地既profession吻合果喎 , because : ::::::::::
they have just too many $$$$$$$$$-from-donations-e.t.c. in their custody , ..........
>>>> 以前果個唔記得帶嘢食,而家呢個寫錯cheque兼入錯户口
>>>> Pastor Charged With Theft
>>>> A Scott County Pastor has been charged with stealing $900 from his church.

should i b 1 of them , i must do it , + , even ,,,,,,,,,better''''''''' ,

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你諗吓,如困你見到個古惑仔平時打打殺殺,但收咗工又拖阿婆過馬路又捐錢咁...唔通又要指住佢 ...

Priest arrested over sex claims

The former head of an independent Catholic school in west London has been arrested following allegations of sexual assault.Father David Pearce, who retired from St Benedict'sSchool in Ealing 15 years ago, was arrested at his home in Ealing Abbeyafter claims by a current pupil.
Ealing Abbey founded the school in 1902 and monks act as trustees.
Fr Pearce was interviewed by officers before being bailed to return to a west London police station in May.
Famous alumni
The police's child abuse investigation team is looking into the allegations.
A police spokesman said: "We can confirm that police received allegations on 15th January of sexual assault.
"The allegations relate to incidents between 2006 and 2007."

Fr Pearce was head of the junior school before he retired.
School authorities insisted that they acted promptly when they learned of the accusations.
He added: "As soon as the principals of the school weremade aware of the allegations, they put them in the hands of theauthorities," said the school's solicitor Tony Nelson.
"The school has behaved impeccably."
The school admits pupils aged 4 to 18 and has a mixed sixth form.
Famous alumni include the former governor of Hong Kong Chris Patten and the comedian Julian Clary.

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u should recommend yourself to them to hire u as the devil's advocate ......... er .........
sorry ,
i have just mistyped it , i mean : :::::
u should recommend yourself to them to hire u as the Christian's advocate ,

Update with News video: Rev. Gregory Clarke reports to federal prison

Posted by Birmingham News February 15, 2008 4:53 PM

The Rev. Gregory Clarke, pastor of New Hope Baptist Church, checked in to a federal penitentiary in Atlanta around 8 a.m. this morning to begin serving a 21-month sentence for tax fraud.
Clarke walked into prison wearing a Crimson Tide jacket and baseball cap. He made the journey on a chartered bus, accompanied by about 50 church members. Other church members and supporters followed in vehicles.
A federal jury convicted Clarke in July 2007 on charges he filed false income tax returns for 2000, 2001 and 2002. At trial prosecutors said Clarke underreported $110,000 in earned income and schemes to deceive the government about the money.
Clarke has said he was singled out because of his friendship with former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, who is serving a prison sentence after he was convicted on seven corruption-related counts by a federal jury in Montgomery in 2006.

Greg Garrison
Here is a video taken before the bus departed for Atlanta. Clarke tells reporters and supporters that he is ready to report and has the items he needs for a "camping trip."
http://blog.al.com/spotnews/2008 ... o_rev_gegory_c.html
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Pastor convicted of molesting foster child

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 02/24/08

A Decatur pastor faces at least 25 years in prison after being convicted of aggravated sexual battery and child molestation of his 15-year-old foster child, authorities said.
DeKalb County prosecutors contend Bishop Frederick Kelley, who headed Greater New Macedonia Church of God in Christ, had a history of child molestation and rape involving family members going back 35 years.
Kelley has vehemently proclaimed his innocence.
He was in the DeKalb jail Sunday awaiting a sentencing date after a jury found him guilty Friday of two counts of sexual battery and four counts of child molestation.
The minimum sentence is 25 years. The jury acquitted him of rape.
Kelley was arrested in January 2007 on charges of rape and molestation involving a 15-year-old foster girl in his house.
The pastor proclaimed his innocence in a TV news broadcast.
The newscast prompted three of his relatives to tell police that he molested or raped them years before, said Peter Boehm, the DeKalb prosecutor who handled the case.
"They had thought he stopped — or 'hoped,' I guess, is the better way to say it," Boehm said.
Attempts to reach the Kelley family for comment were unsuccessful Sunday.
Boehm introduced four other child molestation cases, involving Kelley's family members and another foster child, during the eight-day trial in Superior Court that ended Friday.
The first case involved a family member who was 12 years old when the incident allegedly occurred in 1972, Boehm said.
The woman testified at the trial that she awoke one night and found Kelley on top of her. She shoved him off, and Kelley "pretended to be sleepwalking," Boehm said.
Another family member testified that the pastor impregnated her in 1979, when she was 15.
DeKalb prosecutor Boehm alleges that in 1993, Kelley molested the daughter of the first victim.
Kelley eventually targeted foster children he and his wife supported, Boehm said.
Besides the 15-year-old who filed the charges for which Kelley was prosecuted, another foster daughter, age 14, testified the defendant inappropriately touched her when he came into her bedroom one night in 2006 but claimed to be "praying over her."
Kelley's wife testified that her husband was guilty only of an adulterous affair with the girl who became pregnant in 1979.
The Kelleys raised the baby he fathered as their own child, Boehm said.
That affair was the only sexual misconduct Kelley and his wife acknowledged, Boehm said.
"They denied all the others," he said.

http://www.ajc.com/metro/content ... omepage_tab_newstab
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Pastor guilty of child abuse

A pastor described by police as charismatic and controlling pleaded guilty Wednesday to numerous counts of child rape and molestation involving five young girls in Kitsap County.
Robbin Leeroy Harper, 60, leader of a fringe religious group called The Church, faces more than 26 years in prison, though prosecutors and his own lawyer have agreed to recommend a 23-year term when Harper is sentenced April 9.
"We're happy with this," said Brenda, the mother of one victim, who asked that her last name not be published in order to shield her daughter's identity. "Everybody is relieved. My daughter is happy about it, too."
The young woman, now 20, called police last fall to report that Harper had been molesting her since she was 12. He told the pre-teen -- as well as 7- and 8-year-old victims -- that he was showing them pornographic material and teaching them to perform oral sex on him as preparation for marriage, according to court documents.
"I'm not really about revenge," said Brenda, thinking about her daughter. "He's going to have to stand before God for what he's done. It's just been really hard."
According to interviews with police and former members of The Church, Harper dictated everything -- from where congregants could work to the people they married to the type of cars they drove.
Brenda agreed, saying that she and her husband had left the group, which worshipped in a compound in South Colby guarded by a fence and unidentifiable from the road, because Harper was "controlling our lives."
However, their daughter and son remained, becoming ever more entwined, to the point at which the pastor and his wife became the teen's "spiritual mom and dad, and we kind of lost our authority over them," Brenda said.
At least 10 women and young girls have come forward with sexual abuse accusations since Harper was charged in November.
Deputy Prosecutor Kelly Montgomery was stunned at the hold Harper had over his congregation.
"It is amazing to me how much power someone can wield and use to take advantage of someone else," she said. "Whether they're pastors or police officers or priests, it just cautions all of us to be on alert with our kids. It can happen under your nose."
Harper's attorney, Thomas Weaver, said his client had never planned to stand trial.
"He had every intention, from the beginning, of taking responsibility for his actions," Weaver said.
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Former pastor sentenced for sex abuse
Updated: 02/29/2008 01:50 PM
By: Web Staff

ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. -- A former Oneida County pastor found guilty of sexually abusing a child is sentenced Friday. William Procanick will spend three years in prison followed by five years post-release supervision for sexual abuse. He was also sentenced to one year in Oneida County Jail for endangering the welfare of a child.
Procanick is the former pastor of Resurrection Assembly of God church in Clinton.
Sentencing for former pastor
A former Oneida County pastor found guilty of sexually abusing a child is sentenced Friday. William Procanick will spend three years in prison followed by five years post-release supervision for sexual abuse.
Back in January he was found guilty of touching a seven-year-old girl who slept over his house regularly with he and his wife.
In addition to time served Prochanick will also have a permanent order of protection against him.
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Former Pastor Faces Statutory Sodomy Charges

By Michelle Sherwood
Story Created: Mar 2, 2008
A former church pastor is accused of having sex with two teenage boys. Joseph Edmund Conger was pastor at New Life Baptist Church in Cole Camp and at Faith Baptist Church in Climax Springs.
The 44-year-old faces five counts of statutory sodomy from incidents that allegedly happened in 2003.
Conger was a pastor in Cole camp for about two years and in Climax Springs for about six years.
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Prominent Italian priest accused of sexual abuse defrocked

ROME — A prominent Italian priest accused of sexually abusing young men at the drug rehabilitation centre he founded has been defrocked, a spokesman said Monday.

The Rev. Pierino Gelmini, 83, had requested that he be relieved of his priestly status and the Pope agreed, said Gelmini's spokesman, Alessandro Meluzzi. The move reduces Gelmini to a lay status, meaning he can no longer celebrate mass or other sacraments.

Last year, nine young men accused Gelmini of sexually abusing them while they were residents at his "Comunita Incontro" rehabilitation centre, which is based in the Umbrian town of Amelia.

Gelmini has vigorously denied the accusations and his lawyer has said they were made by disgruntled teens who had an ax to grind because they had been kicked out of the centre.

Prosecutors have completed their investigation and a decision is expected in the coming weeks on whether Gelmini will be indicted and ordered to stand trial.

Gelmini founded the "Comunita Incontro" in 1963. The organization now runs more than 200 rehabilitation centres in Italy and abroad, including Brazil, Thailand and New York.
http://canadianpress.google.com/ ... wa3QyDPJC10TRlo1C4g
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