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they even forbid ppl to open 3rd eye

recently know that xtians even forbid ppl to open the third eye, pineal gland, eye of horus, but distract ppl to......
whatthehell, oh crap, xtians launched that damned maze to let ppl figure before going insane, it was just one of all shits. pituitary+pineal glands're 6th+7th senses. however xtians said after it created all then at the 7th day it slept(in order to reduce human's 7th sense metaphysically), but at other realm Nuwa created humans at the 7th day(人日). xtians say when humans are resting, it is devils' chances(in fact xtians' chances) to hahahaha plus pre-xtians attacked their foes after foes cut pen!$es' foreskins. if moon(monday) is females, sunday is males, xtians kill males-sun-pen!$es then they simply goto [email protected] all females, oh no, not just metaphors but are ghost weapons.

xtians forbid ppl to open the third eye, pineal gland, eye of horus but kick ppl to summit to their crappy boss to become its slaves(reduce the powers of ppl's soul-organs again, perhaps souls' non-physical forms of some ppl vanish but some betray then goto buddha or something but all just still get out) then say summitting to that guy is tthhe soul in order to cover all truths so all kinds of physical mental emotional slaves go even worse in this world. if xtians forbid ppl to be higher spiritual beings to assault heaven and forbid higher spiritual beings to fight each other, further, further but ghost weapons of xtians' histories+today are already worse than those days? if i'm one of those gods,deities i never give gifts or hurt humans but head back to spiritual world, maybe i rest there but x still be jealous of me then assault me, bomb!

no one is 100% anti-any or helping any. 'When rogues go in procession, the devil holds the cross'. 'As virtue rises one foot,vice rises ten'. when spies watch all anti-x posts in here or other sites they will always still progress to use other imperceptible ways to imperceptibly hurt ppl again again like allowing ppl to do but acquiring all to be under xtians' brands and logos! if my spirit head back to spiritual world but x still be jealous of me then assault me and xtians still siphon these to progress, then why anti-x ppl cannot progress to open the third eye, pineal gland, eye of horus etc? or all die to hell with all...
so, spies know all shits about how anti-x ppl think them now then they progress and change to use new laws to allow themselves to @#%$^(i hint them). xtians then seek to brainwash ppl and make ppl forget xtians' shits (but by the way forget ppl themselves' own things again). then a so called new era emerges but actually all humans will relapse into same shits(often with other forms) many years later, unbeknownst to humans.

due to retroactions, if exgroupAers hate groupA they betray A then love to goto groupB, if exgroupBers hate groupB they betray B then love to goto groupA etc. so all are lies eventually, no matter how they use any to strive for them including science and true love. ultimately, science will be turned to !boooom! then religions absorb, acquire the science and true love into themselves again.

Just as medicine is come from drug. 藥不可以乱吃. saying from shitty good sorrowful viewpoint: religion is medicine, after curing ill ppl, ppl must not eat medicines any more. Not just drug, eating too many medicines will DIE! ha(囫囵吞枣).  no one is 100% anti-any or 100% helping any? no one is infinity% anti-any or infinity% helping any!

some xtians' ancestors(humans or demons) did foul shits then, by retroactions, they must help ppl this day but later, by helping too many they themselves suffer shits too then redo foul shits again today cuz humans are weak(suppose they're really not demons). so going to animal sex(even demon sex) are useless, animals? then go worse haha, insects? fucking insects? no. smaller insects the microorganisms are already on all ppl's skins and still sucking every moment. sex with them is merely recapped. heaven goes shitted, due to retroactions, ex-xtians leave, x fakes some illnesses to let all return to seek cures? but some need other doctors, maybe hell cures them this day. x will need to wait for 46709394 billion light years, perhaps at that time ppl need x again and hate hell, science, true love etc. that's why 'all die to hell with all...' as the previous post stated.
who realize, at the first second, that saying 'so die to hell...' in the case above was working by retroaction, binary system again? who possess too many/much desires of solicitations may not realize. supposing they're demons or not, by following down to hell their demon forms are revealed and relapse into same collusions. bomb! if xtians were using 以毒攻毒 to beat other evils, even this skill is defeated since they are from a same origin,唱雙簧, bomb! if check the etymology of 'conspiracy', it ='con' + 'spirit'. so shits were formed by unhealthly relationships at first, then, even jean paul sartre said the term 'hell is other people', it is not absolutely true much less xtians'... (oh, i used jean paul sartre much less the xtians often use 'x says, who says', this 'Weasel word').

should ex-xtians re-act the 血淚史 in the following 2000 years to rescue all to rebecome real selves? @#$%&. x will need to wait for 46709394 billion light years to reclaim the evil x heaven? if i am x, i go down to earth to disband this x religion and say 'i should not found this religion' just as i(me)  never need insects to worship me.  but if x goes to earth to say then he is faking and disguising to say 'as i disband x religion, all anti-x leaders should disband their @$*%^& too since this post(here) says retroaction is useless... in order to decline anti-x then he can...

(-breaking the fourth wall-, presume anti-x leaders including this site's leader or anyone here are not real spies this day, but if anti-x here are spies, x will not reward spies but kills spies to prevent divulgence of the secret or just brainwash all to be false friends again.) so what is 牧...? herds feed animals then deprive their skins to make clothes or sell them to butchers to slay->meat->food->shits->sewer->sea->hell,(no offense). wild animals will be killed too at any time. so goto hell directly? haha.還佢心願.

anti-x member moon**l*ang stated those shitty xtains use: 雙重標準 ,文字遊戲, 循環論證,
偷換概念, 乞題, 論斷的習慣, 派別繁多,自圓其說, 不健康的壓抑, 奴隸情結,then discuss
自由意志的討論, 地獄的討論.ha, someone use brainwashing devices(beliefs in fact) to constantly make ppl be addicted to shits? xtians' sexual innuendos, weapon innuendos seem to be jokes but their controls and actions hurt ppl, if ppl theoretically overcome xtians' shits but 1]. when watching tv and walking on street, singers,filmstars' x gestures/ads are still already reminding ppl via memories such as some films' bad guy characters hang the good guy characters on crosses, filmmakers never need to still make this, if those are non-xtian-filmmakers whom do that to make parodies then they are fallen into retroactions, binary system again.  2]. all must be reversely backfire to them? (til those happen to them)? if xtians truly truly atone for all of their shits forever then it will be worse. similar to earth's eternal species: roaches, shits always remain existed so that true minded ppl (who seldom enslave others) have #%$^ to concern. they are the same but killing all roaches will not cause the vanishing of xtians, vice versa... so 1](imperceptible remainders annoying the ignorant) vs 2](feedback targeting) booomb to nothing...

as jin yong's 九陰真經是黄裳寫来打明教, so the entire 射鵰三部曲 actually did nothing, all fighters were merely playing actually. even if assaulting them was still useless since earth is a ball. earth contains one of all directions called 'western'. cannot be removed.

if sport, singing, beauty contests're corrupted by hidden watcher-gamblers, xtians're corrupted by themselves so they depart from themselves to use and hide in pseudolight of shadow illusions. 唔系你估 so never think all dimsensions are well for ppl forever.

for the title 'pineal gland' goes... arguing or not, most confuse about pituitary gland or pineal gland that which is the indigo-blue chakura or violet chakura? some brought red chakura (sex organs' chakura) onto crown chakura, higher than indigo-blue of third eye chakura, if so, all can be put to anyr wheel(not for earthlings) but black chakura will emerge suddenly to corrupt all. using this Zero Sum effect and by-effect of recurring fights can win the skillful enslavers: xtians and their slavery? no. Pyrrhic victory never means any. no winnig, no losing, shits again, bomb!!!
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