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Although KC has left the board, I still read his board occasionally.  The latest post he has about Burma is a food for thought,

The core idea of KC's post is that although he does not doubt the concern protester has, he doubt its effectiveness.  Namely lighting candles and gathering in countries outside of Burma is hardly effective means to achieve the end saving the Burmese.

For most part, I would agree that it is useless in the candle light activity.  In another sense, the activity does show the protester "You are not alone!"  It is important because when people know they are not alone, they will have more incentive to do something about the crisis.   As the spirit is kept high, attempt to change will be made.  Perhaps it is difficult to change, but we will never know until we try.
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韓國 ......... 全世界最熱中出產傳教士的國家


4 your referrence ,

the design of the nationnal flag of sKorea ,
's featuring the most of Chinese traditionnal wisdom ,
even much better than that of our own nation , China ,
at least in my own eye

according a free newspaper issued by HK Taoism Association
@ year 2007
[[[[[ i'm not Taoist ]]]]
Taoism 's been preached in Korea over 2000 years ,
but ,
the # of their adherents 's been being around 1xxx ,
or , even less

but ,
to the contrary ,
>>>> 韓國 ......... 全世界最熱中出產傳教士的國家

+ ,
+ ,
the population of sKorea 's just only around 49,024,737
much much too much below than that of USA ,

what i want2ask is that ,
y[why] ??
y[why] can Christiannity b so extremly extremely
successful in Korea ??

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