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[Delivered at the Rizal Hall, Malacañan Palace | 14 August 2018]

Salamat po. Kindly sit down. Thank you for your courtesy.
Governor, nandito ka pala. Alam mo Cora, I have a two pages --- and
same I’ll be, I’ll --- I’ll be through in about a minute and a half.
So to do justice, I don’t know who the girls --- sinong gumawa nito.
Because I have something else in mind to talk, I need time. Because
I know that you are afraid of the floods and it rains --- the
precipitation is that heavy and we expect more rains. You better be
back in your homes before dark.
So I will just read the last paragraph. [laughter] Teka, this one. And
you can go home. I believe that by unity, cooperation and hard work,
we shall achieve our aspirations for our country, including sustainable
development and the good life that we always wish for the Filipinos.
Let us work together to realize our hopes and dreams for our people
and nation.
Congratulations at mabuhay kayong lahat! [applause] That ends my
speech official. [laughter]
Now, I’d like to talk also about my personal heartaches and all.
Nandito pa naman si President Arroyo. I do not want to cheapen the
presidency kasi nakakahiya eh.
But you know, ma’am, about two weeks ago, I had a command
conference for all of the united groups of --- ‘yung ano, the Armed
Forces pati pulis mismo, all of them, down to the last commander.
Nandito po kami sa Malacañan.
And before the start of the meeting, I took the floor away from the
emcee for the opening remarks and I said, “May I be allowed to talk
At ang sinabi ko sa mga sundalo at pulis, “Guys, I want you to know
that I am thinking of stepping down because I’m tired. While I am
not against or angry against anybody, my chase against graft and
corruption seems to be endless and it has contaminated almost all
government departments and offices.”
But I would like to assure you that for each and every department,
you have a head that’s very good. But you know, every project seems
to go kaput at the end of the day.
You start with a big bang, full of announcements and you go there for
a --- for the memorial opening or the groundbreaking and it’s all there
in the newspapers splashed.
But I have yet to hear any government project before that has
succeeded without the so many interventions. One is that I have been
telling Congress and everybody else for the law to do away with these
things about lowest bid and you know the penchant just to give it a
contract to somebody who has no resources at all.
They go around there fixing biddings in the provinces. They are one
hell of a club and they just go around from city to city looking for
contracts. They are there for the bidding. And they are aplenty in one
group. So if a bidding is held, the group --- the leader of the cabal
will just wait and allow his minions to go into the process and at the
end of the day, he will just dive. For a 100 million project, he is willing
to dive to 70. He gets the contract and it’s almost happening everyday
throughout the Philippines, national and local.
They win and they go to the guys who are into business. No
equipments, no capitalization, no nothing. And they would just start
to sell it, to farm out the bids.
And it’s given to one who would subcontract it with another and you
see multimillion projects being worked upon with two, three, four
workers and he has to wait for the --- to wait, to lease all the
equipments after somebody uses it for another project. They only
have about three, four.
You know, I am --- I said I am exasperated because however I --- is
right... I was dealing with the problem of Nayong Pilipino. I’ve been
telling everybody it’s bid and a bid that is not rigged. Time and again,
I humiliate them in public.
And yet for all the thick tusk --- parang rhinoceros na talagang too
thick. This had go on and on and the DPWH and you know… It’s all a
convoluted thing out there.
I was trying to do something about Nayong Pilipino, so I fired all. And
I am scouting for a new set of Filipinos because I… Ang hinihingi ko
lang is --- I am asking for workers. I do not want to call them Board
of Directors. It will bloat their head. I am just asking for workers to
be the chairman to act.
And I don’t even call --- I don’t even mention the presidency. In my
SONA address, you never heard me talk of myself as “president” or
“presidency.” I just say, “I am a worker of government doing my duty
because of the mandate of the people.”
I’ve been trying to do it. I promised you five basic. During the
campaign and during the presidential debates, I was the one who
would always be delivering the shortage. I did not mention about
super structures at that time because I have been around in this
planet for so long that I would know even without asking.
So graft is so embedded, it is endemic and it is always a part of the
territory of a transaction, especially by government.
You know, I do not allow whatever. LT --- LRT, rain --- whatever,
TRAIN. No document ever lands in my --- I do not allow it. It begins
with the Cabinet and ends with the Cabinet member.
I have for the life of me --- I have not seen a contract of government.
It is always, “I choose you to be the Cabinet member, do it. Do it
right.” We’re all right at the top. But at the bottom, you have to chase
them and that is very exhausting and…
I do not think that I can fulfill my promise to the people. I said I was
the first one to finish because I used the bullet style. Having been a
prosecutor in court, time is always of the essence and the substance
of what you say.
I said I will try to stop corruption which I’m doing. And still I cannot
succeed even beyond my term. I told you that I will go after drugs
and I warned everybody because on what used to be millions of
transactions worth, it’s now billions.
And even the government agencies are already quarreling amongst
themselves because they want really to do something about it. And
for that, I do not intervene. I let them quarrel publicly. And then I
just say, “Do your job. Better luck next time.”
And the drug situation as the intelligence of the world today would
suggest, we have noticed that there’s a radical change in the
landscape. There’s no more shabu laboratory here because they know
that the --- they know that if I --- if our --- if we meet in one corner,
I’ll just kill them. They know that. Because I said, you destroy my
country and that is self-preservation.
If it’s worth billions, how many people? The fact that the official count
and you saw on TV, surrendering en masse all skinny, thin,
malnourished. These are…
Well, I would say one million six. One million six of your fellow human
beings, Filipinos at that, are reduced to slavery to a drug called shabu.
And it’s being run now through the connections of the Bamboo triad.
That is why we were wondering why there is no more large-scale
manufacturing of shabu. Well, one is that because if you do it,
somehow I will find a good reason to kill you.
So what we have now are thrown overboard. I think the latest bust
was from Taiwan. But I’d like to address myself to all government
agencies. Iyong sabi nila na those --- they found that the metal… But
they opened it, there was none. It was pure speculation. They were
assuming that for those metal, magnetic --- yeah, contain… So the
borehole, there was nothing there.
And they suspected and they also presumed that is was full of shabu.
And they just made an assumption of the price. But there was really
none and I am not convinced.
So next time, you do not go into a speculative contents. Criminal law
is very hard. It is very, very exciting --- exacting and all. And so you
must be very sure that you have the goods. You cannot speculate
that you recovered containers. They are not containers but the
magnetic… [How do you call?] [DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez answers:
Magnetic lifters]
Ah yeah… So they just assumed that they were there at that
warehouse but there was no shabu inside. But many speculative
statement that had it been filled to the brim, it had worth ano --- that
was speculation.
So well, I can always agree with that. But when I said, I was trying
to fix… And then there’s the problem of the AFP hospital.
You know PGH, that’s the premier hospital of our country run by UP.
They had --- they have always been suffering with lack of funds. And
I was even told that in some cases, the interns would shell out their
contribution just to buy the medicines.
So long time ago, I called Andrea of PAGCOR. And I asked the doctors
and the management who came here, all Filipinos, and said, “How
much is your annual…? “A little over 30 for the medicines and all.”
“Thirty million for the whole year?” “Yes.” “Is that enough?” “No, sir
because --- no Mayor because there’s so many sick people and we
collect nothing.”
It was a very sad story and I said, “You can do with 100 million?”
They were very happy. “Mayor, that’s a great leap from our present
money. Is that a year?” “No, it’s every month. You will have 100
million to spend for the poor.” [applause]
What is really very stupid about this whole thing is, I gave V. Luna,
the AFP --- it’s V. Luna Hospital --- 50 million a month also. And the
other hospital, another 50. There are two hospitals there. The AFP
and I forgot the other one. That’s the V. Luna. And I gave them a
new building because it was being used and the drainage was blowing
up upwards.
And I said to them, “How can you cure the infections of the wounds
of my soldiers if that…?” So I said, “Condemn that building, I’ll build
you a new one.”
I gave them the money because Secretary Diokno was there and he
said, “okay,” early on. So titingnan ko rin ito before I go, I will create
a big bang also. I want it audited.
Kasi ‘yung pera na ibinigay ko was misappropriated by the Gen --
- [Sino ‘yung pangalan ng p**** i**…? L****].
Ah, [Torrelavega]. So I said to --- Galvez showed to me the report
and he was scratching his head, he said, “Mayor, sorry but this is
what happened.”
I said, “You court martial him. Create a court where he will appear
before his peers and give him the most humiliating…”
I fired them all. I still have to select a new one. So one corruption,
just right after there’s another corruption and the folder it’s here, is
another… [Saan na ba ‘yung y*** na ‘yon?]
Just came in yesterday. And you won't believe it, it’s the military.
Si Marañon --- Maraña. Maraña was the comptroller of PMA, the
premier military institution where we get the most, the brightest, and
the best of our doctors and our soldiers. Hindi na, okay na.
There is another… Boss ninyo. [laughter] Hector Maraña. 0-11-5-6-6
Infantry, Philippine Army. Violation of Articles, fraud against
the government, conduct unbecoming an officer and a
gentleman. Conduct prejudicial to the good order and the military
discipline. A sentence is hereby recommended by
the [garbled] accused.
I approve his dismissal. And he was the comptrol --- comptroller of
PMA. He malversed 15 million of the cadets’ allowances. And in the
military, you do not complain.
So… I’ll give it to… Affirming the decision separating him and… He
was recommended to be imprisoned 12 to --- six to 12 years. This is
good. Can I have a pen? I will sign it in your presence. [applause]
Send the guy to hell. [laughter] That’s an order. [laughter]
You know, this aide of mine, she's a Navy. She went to Annapolis.
Annapolis 'yan. So if you want to go into the business of shipbuilding,
you might want to consult her.
Ngayon ho, so habol ako nang habol pagod na ako. I’m exasperated
and I said corruption, then I said I will meet the challenge sa drugs
which I did and what I’m doing still now.
And I said that the law and order situation is very hard but I will try.
Then I said, I will talk to the enemies. So I have produced… I have to
thank Congress and the Speaker, lumusot na ‘yung BBL.
And I said, I will also talk to the enemies of the state. MI, with Murad,
we are about comfortably situated now. Nur Misuari is thinking aloud
of what to do next, but we’re good friends.
And I have terminated the talks with the Reds --- Communist Party
of the Philippines with Sison. Because in the series of agreements
before, even the time of Aquino, they entered into so many things
that they scattered the privileges and power which they wanted. And
we summed it all and it would really appear that it was a coalition
government. And I said, “I cannot give you an inch of that even. I
cannot give you what is not mine.”
So sorry, Attorney Belo was there. He was the one with Dureza. But
I don’t know they are back channeling. But I said hardly --- I cannot
let other presidents do it but I cannot deal with the Communist Party.
Because to date, they have killed so many thousands soldiers,
barangay captains, innocent civilians, suspected of being agents of
the military.
We have suffered and --- in numbers. And I think it would not be
good. We will just have to continue fighting. The IS, we are improving
on our acquisition of arms. One day it will blow up again. And I've
been warned of multiple attacks of not only one but two or three
We will beat that --- or the president, I don't know. Ganito 'yan eh,
the reason why I asked permission from the military is not because I
am afraid of them. I was elected by the people with my corresponding
instructions. They have their own mandate.
They worry about their work and I worry about mine. But I said, I
want to work with you all despite of corruption and everything but I
said I am getting old and exasperated.
I do not think that with the limited three years remaining in my term
I could even hardly make a dent.
I cannot kill them all because the sacred human rights is there. They
only have a list of how many killings and they just count. And if they
saw something there sprawled yesterday they say, “ah extrajudicial
Me? How many policemen died? You must remember that the siege
of Marawi did not start with a quarrel about rebellion or getting the
piece of land. It was something of a police punitive action, serving a
warrant of arrest to one of the Mautes.
They resisted and had a fight with the police. Greatly outnumbered
the police withdrew, and the military had to come in. But while
crossing the bridge of Pandi, the nine Marines had no chance. Because
Marawi itself was converted into an outpost. So they were covered by
concrete and metals, iron.
And so because of that I lost so many soldiers. To date, I would say
that about 1,000 policemen and soldiers died because of the drugs.
And I said and the ano this --- the pretty boys of other countries had
the gall to criticize me in a press briefing.
Forgetting me as if he was the only president in this planet.
And he was warning me like a member of the [Sinaloa] about killing.
And look what is happening to their country. You see the Netflix.
Dope, it’s flooding his country.
And here comes another president and said, "You are doing all
right." The other guy says, "You are bad because you are killing
people." Another president says that, "You are doing well. I will even
copy you." And he said, "Do it because time is running out for you."
Your institution has failed because set of rules with [Sinaloa] and the
Medellin. He's in prison. He was even able to get out and back into
prison. That's how toxic the world has become because of drugs.
So ‘yon. I said corruption, I'm trying. So I'm complying. Drugs? I'm
doing something about it. I'm complying. I said I will talk to the
enemies of the states so we might be able to finally, somehow. Then
I said I will let the managers.
So there is no commercial paper. I remember I signed last night about
measures of inflation which our Speaker is also passionately talking
Now, the resignation. I said... I told the guys, the milit --- the Armed
Forces, all of them, and the police, generals. "If you guys, I only need
to talk. Do not give me that melodrama of coming to Malacañan with
tanks and everything..."
Sabi ko, "Do not be... It's corny.” All you have to do... Because you
know, if you come here to fight, you'd be killing the soldiers and the
Navy because they are here assigned and they would fight for
me. Are you stupid? Do not do that.
All you have to do is to call me, let's have coffee and if you say,
"President… Sir, we find you not at par or not in parity with the
expectation." And then I say, “If you have found a leader, I’m willing
to step down.”
The problem is I cannot suggest to them that if you follow the
succession which is really the Constitution, but if they would do it, I
said, "go ahead."
I am hesitant to suggest a Constitutional succession. I have nothing
against Robredo. She's a lawyer. You have heard her talk. But I do
not think she can improve on anything here. Of course, she will deny
But you can ask the hotbed of shabu in the past years. I would not
mention the name kasi --- it was Naga City. It was in Naga City of
which I... So I said --- I would suggest to the military, if you want a
junta, look for the --- or if you want yourselves to be the junta, I said
line up here, I'll put you in your proper place. "I, I, General, do hereby
solemnly swear that as a regular junta member of this republic."
Then I go home to Davao and solve the problems of the country
because I will fail. I cannot do it and so I have to admit to the people
that I failed. So look for another one. And I'd be happy to go home.
And you guys, you are the pressure in our society. You are you
pressure groups that --- to formulate a public policy. Nandiyan sa
inyo ‘yan. The money is with you. You can go ahead. You can suggest
to them but I am ready.
And for those who are dreaming that I will extend my term and be a
dictator, you must be the lowest idiot in this country. [laughter]Even
to suggest that I have a plan. I am a lawyer and I said, were it not
for the fact that I do not believe in the competence of the Vice
President, I'm ready to go anytime.
So that is why I disregarded the two-page… [laughter] Really, I'm
ready to go. I'm telling the military and the public, and everybody is
listening though it's being covered live.
Kung may makita kayo na mas mahusay, if you think there is
somebody more competent, then by all means, place him. Or a group
of persons who you think could bring prosperity to this nation, then
do it because I said I'm tired and I think I cannot fulfill the promise
of ending all these problems.
Drugs will not end at the end of my term. It might just be --- it could
worsen or --- because... You know, why is it that during the previous
term there were no billions and billions of drugs? Why? Why was there
no arrest?
So if nobody was killed, because nobody challenged the law. Why?
Because nobody was interested to enforce the law. And the generals
of the police were also running the show.
And it was not until after I became the President and demanded from
the military and police, "You open to me. As an order, you open your
records to me."
And so I got this list. And sabi... Well everybody there in that list are
dead, most of them. Well, if they were not in the list, they are still
alive. But I never gave the list to the public.
I just mentioned the some who were already killing their own
policemen like the Parojinog and a military agent. Until now, we do
not know where their carcass are, what happened to their bodies.
They're missing for a...
Well the policemen when they started to excavate one spot as pointed
out by the witness, they found the --- because of the uniform. But
the others... So he was flaunted.
There was no government in Ozamiz. People were afraid to talk. But
the economy of --- the domestic economy of Ozamiz City was great.
Everybody was --- have a --- building a house. Everybody was
opening a legit --- because most of the people there were the couriers
of their mayor, selling shabu to other places, other cities, and other
So just be careful about the next president. You have to give him
enough elbow room to --- because if you constrict it squarely, and
demand the slightest move… You know, when I ordered the removal
of the --- those guys whose hang around every night almost half
naked and you know… If they feel that they need a fix they will just
go there and stage a holdup and sometimes they kill.
Just what happened with the prosecutor of the Ombudsman. She was
pregnant. She was there to just buy at a convenience store and die,
so unnecessary death.
But of course, the killer is already dead. I would also tell you that.
That’s the --- that’s the play outside of shabu.
Now it’s billions. The previous arrest was done with the cylinder thing,
it was placed there just like the metal that was --- the magnet that
was lifted taken from...
So I’m just warning you and but we have a very good military and
with just a few scalawags. But I would --- I would even maybe forgive
you if you purchase something you overpriced. Maybe I will suggest,
“Gentlemen, just dismiss him from the service.”
But if you tinker with the medicines of the soldiers especially those
who were wounded in the Marawi siege, and there were thousands of
them, and then you made --- you allowed ghost deliveries and paid
for it.
I said to the Chief of Staff, “Take him out immediately and have him
court- martialled.” I want his peers so that he will be forced to
answer. And this guy Maraña, he absconded with the honorarium of
the soldiers.
And you know, in the military it’s always… They know it. My Navy
aide says she heard about it. It’s an open secret that’s why if it says
a matter of camaraderie with the elite PMAers, I’d like to tell them I
love my soldiers even those who did not graduate from the PMA. I
love you all and the police.
But do not --- do not go into corruption because I’ll give you hell. Me,
I am submitting my proposal to resign to the body now. I’ll convert
this into a… [laughter]
If the governor of --- ah the Congressman of Oriental would say ---
yes… I only need one. If she will say… We are not party-mates. She
is a Mar Roxas supporter. [laughter] If you stand up now and say,
“Mayor Duterte resign,” I will resign.
But let the people know that you are the one. [laughter] Can we have
your word Governor Malanyaon and then Congresswoman
Malanyaon? And I was grade two, you were already Governor
Malanyaon. [laughter]
I have graduated the Law School, you are still Congressman
Malanyaon. Very nice. [laughter] You are… Anong tawag nito nila? A
dynasty of one. [laughter] Like a king.
Me? I’ve been a prosecutor for eight years. I was a congressman once
upon a time. [Kasama ba tayo noon? O governor ka noon? Ah
governor ka.]
And then I was vice mayor to my daughter. But my template is --- I
am not extraordinarily proud of that. But if you really want what I
really wanted for my country, go to Davao.
Go out at night. Because in Davao there’s another dictator offing, not
me, [laughter] but she has a Duterte surname. If you go to Davao at
12 midnight, everything closes.
Just like during the communist heydays, that was the time --- every
--- Davao City was also… Even if you’re drinking, the waiters would
get it from your hand and say, “It’s 12 o’clock and you have to go
home”. And there are no guys standing in… She does not want it.
I don’t know but this sounds to be a --- that she has to… No more.
Yeah, in Davao you cannot smoke, you cannot drink beyond 12
o’clock. If you stand there in the corner and just talk there, then you
will be asked by the police to continue your conversation in
jail. [laughter]
Well, they are not really arrested but they are just taken especially if
it’s a minor. It is the duty of the nation, the republic, to take care of
its young.
We do not deprive them of their freedom to move. That’s a
constitutional guarantee. But under the great powers of a state, the
police power, you can take in minors who are there outside. There’s
a curfew in Davao for minors, it’s 10 o’clock.
And they are --- you are taken into custody, you are not arrested.
Under the parens patriae principle which need not be in the
Constitution because it’s there all the time. The power of the state to
protect its citizens and its young people.
They can be taken into custody, detained for the night because out
there, danger lurks, and they are made as couriers of… All they have
to present is their birth certificate, and that’s the reason why.
Because out there they are used, they are just given 500 and they
will do anything. You give this shabu to that guy in there. If arrested
--- minor, and I will tell you who is responsible for this law. It’s Kiko
No offense to… Hindi naman siguro kayo mag-ano. [laughter] When
he --- from the criminal law it is below nine --- nine below 12, above
12, 16, indeterminate sentence law. Pangilinan’s law 15 years old,
you commit rape everyday, you are out of prison.
You give the police the ar --- they show everyday, you kill, you rape,
they will release you. There is no such thing as a correctional. It’s
what happens after they commit crime, nothing. There’s no
appearance in court. The police just simply say, “He’s 15.” “Yes,
release.” Irrespective of the severity of the crime. Kay Kiko Pangilinan
Eh ‘yung patsoy-tsoy eh. Advance ano ‘yon. We were good with the
old law.
You know you don’t follow legislations in other countries. They seem
to be ideal but not in all places also of that country. But ours is the
galloping poverty of the people.
And when the hungry, and when the addicts, come they just… So
there has to be a different approach. But the Western world is seems
to be trying to impose their values and how they treat. Correct
because you have the money you have means.
The Philippine law has fallen short. After a great crime, they rape ---
they rape a blind woman and the daughter-in-law beside is a oneyear-old
and a 14-year-old. Shabu goes with… If they are into it the
next thing is that they will take alcohol and when they go crazy…
It’s the UN Drug Control Board. United Nations, the characterization
of shabu is it creates a bizarre behavior and violent. And when you
create --- when you arrest a child… Sabi ko nga why? Why was there
no police activity?
Because the law --- the only way to evade the crime in the courts of
law is to file a countercharge. And you know when a child is arrested,
the child would always go for it and run and sometimes grapple, and
so it would result in some bruises.
Then after that, they are brought there, here comes the humans
rights, “Oh we go to the doctor, you have a bruise here.” Sometimes
they fight with police they, they… And the police had to restrain them
physically resulting in this.
So that time you asked me why? Why? Because once a case is filed
against the police, he goes hungry. There is no salary, no food for the
table, no food for the schooling --- or the money for school. And that
was what was happening.
What gave me the great advantage was I was a prosecutor once upon
a time. And I knew how it was being played.
Kaya when I said I became --- they were deathly afraid of a case
because once a case is filed no matter how guilty or how innocent, he
loses his job, suspended, he gets no money. That’s why he is prone
to… And even the prosecutors are corrupt and the judges.
There is one judge here in Manila, we have about nearly a thousand
drug cases not one single action. All acquitted, all dismissed.
And so if you are the President of this country, what will you do? Just
sit idly and fold your arms and listen and… You do not want to… Ah
that’s a... Once upon a time, we were with --- we were --- I was with
Cora, I was the presiding officer of the council. She was one of the…
She knows my --- how I behave.
I do not like oppression. I do not like people oppressing another. But
if you threaten or destroy or attempt to destroy my country, I will kill
If you destroy our daughters and sons, you know their mothers and
fathers… Once… It’s worth listening to me because you will
I was a law --- I was law professor actually of a ---
the… [laughter] Yes, I was teaching criminal law, criminal procedure
and criminal evidence.
You know if this family loses the father, he goes to work abroad, this
family becomes dysfunctional. A family, children growing without a
father is…
If both the father and mother go out to work and leave the children
to the grandfather, grandma or to their sisters and brothers, or to the
neighbors, this family is totally dysfunctional.
And some of them they go out and they are raped, deprived of food,
sleep and yet they endure the indignity because it is part of the
territory of a --- the culture that when you work or you are paid to
do a work, or if you are a slave bought from the slave market, sexual
is included in the culture.
So look at the so many Filipina beaten, placed inside a refrigerator.
And they send money to their children. And this --- they know back
home that the neighbors, the bad guys, and they will… Ayaw kong
sabihin ang word pero ‘yung sina — l-l hanggang magbigay. And after
three or four years, they come back only to see their children and
family in shambles.
That is what pains me. And that was --- that is the reason why I rage.
Ganoon ako.
So if… I cannot corruption. If I cannot really stop them because it’s
not allowed. Otherwise the great, the wises and the merciful
Westerner and the EU, susmaryosep.
EU lawyers? Who is from EU here? [laughter] Any representative
from EU? Who? Kindly… No, I am not… You might want to take a
second look in your policies.
First of all, do not humiliate the leaders. Then you can talk to them,
pay me a visit. I can… You can talk to me here. You can call Peter
Wallace. He is my friend. He can arrange for a meeting.
But you don’t send here investigators to find out because that is really
interference. That is really not allowed. Maybe the other countries of
Europe has affect --- well, accepted that. But dito kaya that is why
You know, I’ll tell you straight, the ASEAN countries, you try to
befriend them and give aids and everything.
In the ASEAN countries, I’ll tell you all of them except a — nothing…
You want to read their sentiments? You want to know? Oh I will do it
for you.
They are all pro-China because China does not really… They give
and… Well of course, the South China Sea.
Well, they have to rethink that because that would be a flashpoint
someday. And even you know, warning other… You cannot create an
island. It’s man-made and you say that the air above this artificial
island is yours.
That is wrong because those waters are --- what would consider
international sea. And the right of innocent passage is guaranteed. It
does not need any permission to sail through the open seas. And if
it's nearby a territorial water, you guarantee what you would call the
right of innocent passage.
So I hope that China would temper its --- at least its behavior. I do
not want to quarrel with China. But at this time, because you will
create… America instead of avoiding --- "get out, get out," China
would say “we go in, we go in.”
And get out and get out, and one of these days, a hot head
commander there would just press a trigger and... By the way, we
are just about 25 minutes away from...
Well, there are forces. Do not ever think that the Americans --- Mr.
Ambassador, I'm just telling the truth. There are outposts here and
the --- well… And that is why in Marawi, I was really --- and I take
full responsibility that we fell short of the intelligence assessment.
The ordnance was just good for five months of battle and even longer
maybe. But we were sure that it was a brewing because my relatives
--- I come from Lanao del Sur or my grandmother. And so they kept
on telling me, “nagpapasahan na”. Arms are being passed around.
So we ordered the rifles sa --- 23 of them. It's no fault of the
Ambassador. But some great American senators or congressmen
spoke against it. And so the 23,000 rifles that we thought that we
needed because our --- over time the bore of those rifles have already
--- does not have the... It cannot create the right --- it comes out of
the barrel turning. It has its own momentum. So bale 23,000 was --
- went kaput.
So we had to buy from --- not… I tried to buy but it was given to me
for free. To this day, China has not even demand --- anything. So it's
very clear that the gambit really is the China Sea.
But one of these days I said before my term ends, I assured you that
I will talk to them. Maybe if I cannot…
It’s expensive to be flying around. I’m having my second thoughts
about going to Jordan and Israel because of the expense.
The last time I went commercial. But they said that if we go
commercial in that area there, it's not good. You get hijacked, you
get hit by a guided missile, [laughter] and your purpose was just to
visit Netanyahu and pray to God. [laughter] That's why.

I have my own concept of God is --- what God is. It's really the
history. It’s only one God, God the Father. He’s not even the father.
He's God, period. But this… Is there any bishop here? I want
to [laughter] kick your ass, [laughter] and the priest.

I'll tell you, the most hypocritical institution in the Philippines is the
Catholic Church. My statement? No. Coming from? Secretary Evasco,
the Cabinet Secretary. [laughter]

Cabi --- is he here? Evasco was a priest, together with Tison. They
left their vocation. Well, before leaving, he married a nun. I'm not
joking. [laughter] So that is where they get maybe their supply also.
And went to Mindanao.

He was caught by the Philippine Scout Rangers of the Army. He was
brought before me because I was the --- I forgot the --- [Ano 'yung...
Ano 'yun Bot? 'Yung naka-assign ka diyan. You are the...]
--- the
inquest fiscal.

And so one of the --- who is now a general, he said, "This priest, we’ll
execute him." I said, "No. He is a priest. We will go to
hell." [laughter] So Evasco leave to... When he went out of prison, he
wa… They were released by Cory Aquino, by the way, mass release.

On the record, on that day, I said let the record show for
posterity that I am objecting to the release because the order was
just to release. No finding of fault. No nothing.

And as a prosecutor, I have to do my job. Place it on record that I am
objecting. Wala --- I could not do anything. So he went to me and
said, "I was released." I was prosecuting, I am in court, and he said
"I want work." He said, "Now, can you give me work?"

Evasco is bright. Why? They are trained in mobilization because of
the job of priest, they take care of --- mobilize the faithful.

Now I realized that with the advent of the... And you guys can afford
it. I suggest that you read “The Popes.” Plural. I think it's online. Or
if you want --- [May kopya ka ba isa diyan? 'Yung libro ng mga
pari.] [laughter]

“Altar Secrets”. This guy is now dead but he used to be I think the
narrator of the CBCP. It's all there. “Sex, Politics, and Money in the
Philippine Catholic Church”. The introduction is given by Marites

Hindi ko nabili ito. It's a hot-seller actually. Just like when you read
“The Popes”, same. Almost the same pattern of corruption,
homosexuality and all.

Now they say, "You know, you employees of government are wasting
the people's money. You do not have a proper accounting and if there
is one, it's faulted. And we have the right to know because it is the
money of the people."

Me? I was a former Roman Catholic Church. We studied in Ateneo
and we were molested, all of us. Two years up and two years down.
Every time we confess, they will just fondle as I said. "What are your
sins my son? Come on. Come on."

And well you know, when you are a teenager, what do you do?
There's only one thing, it's all sexual drive. And the priest is an
American. You look for Mark Falvey, it's in the Internet. And there's
the one that… He was convicted and the Jesuits were forced to pay
25 million dollars to the victims of sexual molestations.

So the Catholic Church is strict about the behavior of workers of
government because we spend the people’s money. But may I ask
now, you collect --- not even taxes --- there's a log --- bag of money
and they go around collecting.

Then they will say, "This collection is part to maintain the Church.
Now there's a second collection, please be generous because the
second collection is for the --- for my family. I have two children
to..." [laughter] P***** i** niya.

And what is really --- I will tell you there is an orphanage here ---
take it from me --- there is an orphanage here of children fathered
by... They made it appear it's an orphanage.

Me, so that... I'm not --- I'm not a Roman Catholic Church member
anymore. That's why I showed you because if you want there's a new
religion in town, it's called Iglesia ni Rodrigo. [laughter]

My religion does not limit anything. All you can do is… Do not believe
in hell. When you die you are just a piece of carcass and that's it.
There's no more hell --- about hell --- burning in hell? You cannot
burn a soul.

No, I'm contemplating of joining another --- Christian. But I only
believe in one God. Do you know how many saints the Catholic Church
has? 7,000. San Lorenzo, San Pablo, San Pedro...

It would have been also a consolation here --- Santo Rodrigo... Wala
nga eh. [laughter] Tapos we are assigned in every parochial thing.
There's a --- there's something, yours is San Isidro, your saint. And
who is this s***?

You know they were nomadic tribes at that time --- nomadic ka. Who
is this guy San Isidro that every town fiesta we kill our cows,
carabaos, we kill our...? Just to spend because it is the fiesta of San

San Pablo --- who were they? That's the reason why... I don't know
but they have kept quiet. But I'm willing especially if I get out of this
office, I will talk to you --- about you everyday.

And I will end up a pastor also, buy my own plane, everything, in the
works. [garbled] And if I can convince them of the stupidity of the
religion. You read “The Popes”. And I'm sure after reading it you will
never be on the edge of… I assure you.

That is my speech for you regarding business. [laughter] No, I cannot
lecture on you because you know better than I am. I've been telling
you I do not know about business because that is not how I was
But if you want to tangle with me about law, criminal prosecution and
all, I can deal with you the whole day. But when you talk about well
ah domestic ... It’s just a plain income then that's about it. I leave it
up to… You know, I do not like this new formula. It would have been
simple if we --- they just placed Math arithmetic - arithmetic, or Math.
The alphabet --- do not touch with it.
But when you combine the alphabet and the figures --- 2b2.
I like Algebra. I'm not really that ... But enjoy Physics and Algebra,
but Calculus --- I like ano geomet... Ito lang
trigonometry... [laughter] Like legal accounting, I almost failed in it.
I cannot --- I do not listen, I was...
Debit entry 500. So dito 500 --- debit credit, then expense 1,000.
Lipat man sa 1,000. Then if they cons --- if they end up same number
balance then you have solved the problem.
Why don't you just place there how much did you earn today? How
much did you pay, and how much did you...? T*** i** [laughter]
Kaya sa --- our professor in legal accounting...
"You do not understand?" "Yeah."
Especially in economics, they draw a line and then you paste.... You
go crazy, sometimes you'd puke. Why are you making…? It says the
improvement in the economy. Here one line, we are here in the
margin. The improvement last year was this one. Now closed in
Expectations. We would reach one --- it's scale of one to 100. We are
here now, four. Then we will hit 60 by... You divide the years, make
it simple. [applause]
No really. You make it complicated. You can say, “this is your
business, you are here”. “Oh my God! It says so I'm earning.” “Yes
you are”. Then you are down here. Oh because you said p***** i**
in public your rating is ... When I said something about God, I was
addressing the priest. So I got 54. And so media and the rest of the
--- also idiots --- [laughter] they were happy. “Ah now he is falling
I am not --- I am already the president. Do not ... Numbers --- no
more. I do not care even. So 54, then another Pulse Asia, you are
now 82. There's something wrong with the Filipinos if that is a
reflection according to you.
You cannot be trusted. Ladies and gentlemen I took too much of the
liberty to just to listen to your...
I'm trying to figure out because really, I am ready to go down. If the
Armed Forces… Bakit ang Armed Forces? Bakit ang pulis?
They are the two organizations who can control when everything
breaks loose. They must maintain order, that's their job. What they
want to do after that, well I said, I leave it up to them.
But for all of you, no illusions about extension, about dictatorship. At
this time I'm telling you, I'm ready to step down and retire.
Maraming salamat po at mabuhay kayong lahat. [applause]
--- END --- ... 2%80%9D-PROGRAM.pdf
我對神有自己的概念--神是什麼。這真的是歷史。它只有一個神,就是父神。他甚至不是父親。他是神,完。但是……這裡有主教嗎?我想[笑聲] 踢你們的屁股,[笑聲] 和神父。

我告訴你們,菲律賓最偽善的組織是天主教會。我的聲明?沒有。來源?內閣秘書瓦斯科(Evasco)。 [笑聲]

他在這兒嗎?瓦斯科曾是一名神父,和Tison一起,後來他們離開了自己的職業。在離開之前,他娶了一名修女。我不是在開玩笑。[笑聲] 這就是他們在該處所得到的,可能也是他們的供應。然後他們去了棉蘭老島。


其中一位現在成為一位將軍,他說:「這位神父,我們會處死他。」我說:「不,他是一名神父,我們會下地獄。」[笑聲] 所以瓦斯科離開……當他出獄時,他……他們被阿基諾夫人釋放,順便說一下,那是大規模釋放。




現在我意識到,隨著……你們可以承受得到。我建議你們讀《教皇》(The Popes)(眾數),我覺得它已上網。或者如果你們想--[你有一份《教皇》的副本嗎?] [笑聲]

《祭壇的秘密》(Altar Secrets)。這傢伙現在已經死了,但他曾經被我認為是菲律賓天主教主教會議的解說員,一切都在那裡談及:「菲律賓天主教會的性、政治和金錢」,序言由Marites Vitug(譯註:菲律賓資深記者)所寫。




你們知道嗎?當你們還是青少年時,你們會怎麼做?只有一件事,這都是性慾驅動。神父是美國人,你們可在網上尋找Mark Falvey,還有一個……他被定罪,耶穌會被迫向性騷擾的受害者支付2500萬美元。




我,所以,我不是--我不再是羅馬天主教會成員了。這就是我向你們展示的原因,因為如果你們想,城內有一個新的宗教,那就叫做杜特爾特教會。 [笑聲]


不,我正仔細考慮加入另一個--基督徒,但我只相信一位神。你們知道天主教會有多少聖人嗎? 7000人。聖洛倫索、聖巴勃羅、聖佩德羅……

這本來也有一位令人安慰的人:聖杜特爾特……獨一無二的。[笑聲] 我們被分配到每個狹隘的東西,有一個--有一些東西,你們的是聖伊西德羅,你們的聖人,而這個聖人是誰?



我也將最終成為神父,在工作中購買我自己的飛機、一切一切。[雜聲] 如果我能使他們相信這個宗教的愚蠢,你們看《教皇》,我肯定在讀完後,你們永遠不會處於……的邊緣……我向你們保證。

-- 菲律賓總統杜特爾特2018年8月14日在馬拉坎南宮參加「大家來經商」活動時的致詞(節錄)

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