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It's a scam. Check these evidence especially no.1,2,3,4 that most people don't know:

20 IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE that proved Christianity God is likely FAKE, don't miss the last paragraph that explains them all:

1) Jesus similarities with Buddha. Maya to Mary, miracle pregnancy to virgin pregnancy, birth during a journey home to from home, prophesied soon after birth, both had a disciple who betrayed them, walked on water, Gautama left the palace at age 29 and Jesus appeared at 29, Gautama became Buddha at 35 and Jesus died and resurrected at around 35 too, after they passed away, 500 arahants witnessed compilation of Buddha's teachings and over 500 witnesses to Jesus's resurrection etc. All coincidental ? Beside Buddha, Jesus also copied from Horus and Mithra. Surely they ALL cannot be coincidental.

2) Many of the Bible's mythologies was copied from older pagans, Greek, Egyptian or Hinduism religions(note the names too) E.g. Adam & Eve story similar to Atman and Jeewa, a pair of birds in Hinduism, big flood and survivor Noah/3 sons same as Manu/3 sons although cause of flood is different. Even the names of Abraham and wife/sister Sarah close to Brahma and Saraswathi beside having similar story. Regardless of which religion copied which, it proved this god is NOT the only true god or all mighty as it doesn't makes sense to create or allow more copies or religions.

3) Why a true all mighty, all knowing and only god allowed their people to branch off and kill their parent religion Judaism ? This alone is enough proof that their God is non-existant. "Free will" as an excuse is not acceptable as earlier they claimed their God killed all people with a big flood(without freewill) because they sinned.

4) The Bible condemned non-followers, clearly mentioned in Mark's words. Why should a Creator God's religion condemn non-believers when in the first place, they claimed their God created the world? Isn't this like playing both sides of the same coin, both good and evil ?

5)Not knowing why or how the world exists don't mean that it was created by a god. Now "Creator" idea got stale, they use "Intelligent Design" What is so intelligent in its design? If people don't need to go to toilet and don't have unpleasant feelings and sufferings, then I will call it an intelligent design.

6)Wisdom and meditation are not taught by them because they know meditation can make a person's mind clearer and wiser.

7)The Bible copied very much from older religions but not the theory of karma because karma idea defeats the purpose of the mighty God trick and it will prevent people from doing bad deeds.

8) The way the church preached and claimed simply lacked substance and logic. If you ask them intelligent question, they will always be evasive and say you are not serious or an evil.

9) It don't makes sense to claim that only their believers will go to heaven and others don't since they claimed their God created all people. Such claim is an insult to other religions and cultures and caused people to divide. A good religion should be non-sectarian, secular and treat all people equally.

10) The way they collect titlings during Sunday mass is so tricky. They know people will be shy not to pay or tend to pay more when others could be watching. This is why they don't just use a stationed money box like Buddhism, Hinduism or Chinese temples where people can donate anytime. Catholics and Islam made it even bigger by suggesting donation of a certain percentage of their income.

11)Most major festivals and holidays related to Christianity are fake including Christmas(Jesus can't be born in winter), Easter, Thanksgiving, Good Friday, All Souls, Halloween and even New Year are copied from paganism.

12) A creator god claimed to be all mighty should be the first and only religion but all the pagans, Greek, Chinese, Hinduism religions existed earlier. This proved their Creator claim fake.

13) Using fear like hell or "end of the world" every 2 years but we are still here.

14) The fraud case of Mother Teresa(Google it) and after she died, those money she collected was not returned to India.

15)If their God is all-mighty, why need missionaries to convert others ?

16) The ongoing child sex abuses committed by the pastors/priests that I read so often.

17) The Bible is full of lust(Solomon's part), evil and violence. Their God killed countless people when Satan only killed a few.

18) The Bible condemned dogs because they know dogs are man's best friend. Making men lonely is the best way to keep them dependant on religion.

19) If God created everybody, why then condemn LGBT ?

20) Incidents, eg: (a) U.S., U.K, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico are all high Christianity population countries and more people died from Covid-19, over 200K Americans alone !! (b)The Air Asia plane crash of 2014 killed 41 church members, 2 missionaries and their few month old baby.

Only 1 reason can tie up all 20 points above, this God was man-made to con or control people.


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It's a scam. Check these evidence especially no.1,2,3,4 that most people  ...
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2)圣经的许多神话都是从较古老的异教徒,希腊,埃及或印度教宗教中抄袭的(也请注意名称)。亚当与夏娃的故事类似于阿特曼和吉瓦,这是印度教的一对鸟类,大洪水和幸存者诺亚/ 3个儿子与马努/ 3个儿子相同,尽管洪水的原因有所不同。甚至亚伯拉罕(Abraham)和妻子/姐妹莎拉(Sarah)的名字也与梵天(Brahma)和萨拉斯瓦提(Saraswathi)接近,但故事却相似。无论哪种宗教抄袭了哪种宗教,都证明该神不是唯一的真正的神或全能的神,因为创建或允许更多的复制品或宗教是没有道理的。

3)为什么一个真正的全能,全知和唯一的上帝允许他们的人民分支并杀死他们的父母宗教犹太教?仅此一项就足以证明他们的上帝不存在。 “自由意志”作为借口是不可接受的,因为他们早些时候声称自己的上帝杀死了所有人,因为他们犯了大洪水(没有自由意志)。











14)特雷莎修女(Google it)的欺诈案,她去世后,她收取的钱没有返还印度。






20)事件,例如:(a)美国,英国,法国,意大利,西班牙,巴西,墨西哥都是基督教人口众多的国家,更多的人死于Covid-19,仅美国人就超过20万! (b)2014年的亚洲航空坠机事件造成41名教堂成员,2名传教士及其几个月大的婴儿丧生。


这是一个骗局。检查这些证据,尤其是大多数人不知道的1、2 ...
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