Since you are at it, here is a solution to avoid conflicts that worth a read for Cristian, or non-Christian.

[url= ... ot-cross-frontiers/] ... ot-cross-frontiers/[/url]

"In other words, the solution to war — that is, to move a society from a warlike existence to a peacelike existence — is not to be found in a particular type of government or religion or ideology or worldview; it is in a particular type of social process called trade. The evolutionary origin of trade may have been political alliances, but one of the unintended consequences is that trade produces a division of labor that generates more goods, for more people, more of the time."

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The name of the article is :Where Goods Do Not Cross Frontiers, Armies Will

Check under "Essay"

I am unable to open many website in Mainland.  The censorship here is crippling (I have this feeling every time I am here)

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