Pastor charged with soliciting sex

11:35 AM EST on Thursday, March 6, 2008
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Police arrested the senior pastor at St. Luke's Lutheran church in Dilworth after a sting at Park Road Park where they say Robert Graff tried to solicit an undercover male police officer for sex.
"He's a great man, he's a wonderful man. I'm shocked,” said one church member.
The 58-year-old Graff is married and has been the pastor at St. Luke’s for the past four years.  The business administrator at the church told us there would be no comment except that members were, “sorting it all out.”
Graff is charged with crimes against nature, but was released with a promise to appear in court, and came to his church for a Wednesday night supper, where members closed ranks, and supported their senior pastor.
"Can you tell us what he's like as a pastor?," WCNC asked another church member arriving at St. Luke's Wednesday night.
“Great,” she answered.

偉大的 Robert Graff 高級牧師玉照
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Pastor accused of online lewd acts
By Matt Snyder
Herald Staff Writer


Four days after a Pine Township man was arrested on similar charges, a Conneautville pastor was accused of masturbating in front of an undercover officer posing as a 13-year-old girl on the Internet.

Tuesday, the state Attorney General’s Child Predator Unit charged the Rev. Steven Richard McGuigan, 39, with unlawful contact with a minor and criminal use of a computer.

Rev. McGuigan chatted with the officer at least once from his church, said Attorney General spokesman Nils Frederiksen. From his home, the pastor allegedly masturbated in front of his Web camera.

“This is the Internet version of the rain coat flasher,” Frederiksen said. “They’re using the safety and security of their own homes and the anonymity of the Internet to expose themselves to anyone who happens to be walking along electronically.”

Frederiksen said that besides corrupting minors, lewd Internet transmissions to children escalate into worse behavior and have been increasing in frequency over the years. The office has been cracking down.

On Friday, Dale L. McLaughlin, 44, of 22 Oak Hill Drive Ext., was accused of exposing himself to an agent through cartoon-themed underpants.

McLaughlin was arrested Friday at his workplace, Frederiksen said.

“If you keep your pants on when you’re chatting with 13-year-olds, this will never, ever happen to you,” he said.

Agents gave this account of Rev. McGuigan:

Starting Dec. 10, he logged onto a Yahoo! chatroom and asked the undercover officer personal questions.

He said he was involved in book sales and at first told her, “too bad you’re not older ...”

He didn’t contact the agent between Dec. 13 and Jan. 1.

Then, starting in early January, he asked for nude pictures of the girl and masturbated in a video he sent to her. He later masturbated a second time in front of his Web camera.

With a court order, agents tracked down Rev. McGuigan based on information provided by Yahoo! Inc. They said they charged him because of the graphic and escalating nature of his conversations and Web camera showings.

Escalation is one reason agents go after Web camera predators, Frederiksen said. “The performances often get more elaborate and more extensive, and the sexual discussion often gets more graphic.”
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Elmwood Park pastor accused of sex abuse

Accuser says minister must leave church

By Azam Ahmed | Tribune staff reporter
March 5, 2008
A woman is calling for the removal of a Presbyterian minister from an Elmwood Park church, saying he sexually abused her when she was a teenager.
The alleged incidents occurred from 1984 to 1988, when Julie Lemley Hokanson, who is now 37, said she was abused by Rev. Ronald Campbell, who at the time was director of the youth program at First Presbyterian Church of River Forest. Lemley Hokanson, who said she was 14 when the assaults first occurred, came forward with the accusations in March 2006.
Lemley Hokanson said she is upset that Campbell has been allowed by the Chicago Presbytery -- which oversees Presbyterian churches in Lake, Cook and DuPage Counties -- to remain active as a pastor at Elmwood Park Presbyterian Church. Campbell stayed at the job after an investigating committee convened by the church found in the summer of 2007 that there was "probable cause to believe an offense was committed" by Campbell.
Since 2005, Campbell also has been the financial aid director at Trinity International University in Deerfield, school officials said. In 2007, he was given the responsibilities of admissions director for Trinity's divinity and graduate schools because of his exemplary performance, officials said.
"I understand the justice system has to take its time. But my thing is that if you believe him to most likely have done this, you should remove him immediately [from his job]. I don't want another kid to be abused," she said. The Tribune does not normally identify victims of sexual abuse, but Lemley Hokanson agreed to have her name published.
Church officials said that they are acting under the guidelines of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and that Campbell is innocent until proven guilty. Campbell, 52, who could not be reached for comment Tuesday, has maintained his innocence since the accusations surfaced, church officials said.
"In order to be removed from the position of ordained minister, a pastor must plead guilty, resign or be found guilty after a trial," Rev. Robert Reynolds, head of the Chicago Presbytery, said in a statement.
Reynolds said Tuesday that church charges are expected to be filed this month against Campbell, following the recent completion of the investigation. Lemley Hokanson said that a six-figure settlement the church made with her last summer is a sign of Campbell's guilt. On July 30, she was paid about $100,000 to prevent any civil suits against the church or Campbell, she said.
A pastor accused of sexual misconduct will often be put on administrative leave, though discretion ultimately rests with the local presbytery, said Jerry Van Marter, director of the Presbyterian News Service, part of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).
But Reynolds said that a committee formed by the Chicago Presbytery decided that an administrative leave from the Elmwood Park church would not be necessary because "Rev. Campbell served in a church with [an] older congregation that did not have a youth group or a Sunday school."
In his duties at Trinity International University, Campbell works primarily with families and rarely has contact with students when parents are not around, said Gary Cantwell, vice president of communication at Trinity.
"To the best of our knowledge, no criminal charges were ever filed. We are not aware of any civil suit, and we respect the claim of Dr. Campbell and plan to take no further actions without further substantial evidence of proof," Cantwell said.
Campbell will be tried within the court system of the Presbyterian Church, not in a criminal court. Lemley Hokanson said that she had tried to pursue criminal charges, but that the statute of limitations had run out.
Campbell's trial is likely to start about three months after the formal charges are filed, Reynolds said.
"We feel that we've followed our process along the way," he said. "The investigation was just recently completed."
Lemley Hokanson, who lives in Minnesota, said she waited so long partly because she always blamed herself for the abuse.
But as her daughter became a teenager, Lemley Hokanson said she felt a responsibility to speak out, partly because it made her realize how innocent she was at the time of the abuse.
"My daughter is the same age as I was, and I thought 'She's a little kid,'" she said.
She also wanted to speak out to help make sure that no other children would be abused, Lemley Hokanson said.
On Tuesday, Lemley Hokanson's family, who live in the Chicago area, gathered outside the Chicago Presbytery offices downtown to protest Campbell's continued position as a pastor.
Her brother, David Lemley of Naperville, said he did not want vengeance and punishment for what happened to his sister. He simply wants Campbell to be removed from his position at Elmwood Park Presbyterian Church and for his congregation to be warned.
http://www.chicagotribune.com/ne ... nister-protestmar05,1,5914845.story
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Delaware County pastor charged with rape

Monday,  March 10, 2008 8:14 PM
By Dana Wilson
The Columbus Dispatch
DELAWARE, Ohio — A Delaware County minister has been charged with raping a 15-year-old girl who arranged to meet with him last week to talk about her grades, authorities said today.
Brian L. Williams, 45, the head pastor of Sunbury Grace Brethren Church, was arrested Friday by Sunbury police and charged with one count of rape in Delaware Municipal Court. Williams lives at 3159 Berlin Station Rd. in Delaware.
The teen said the rape took place Thursday afternoon at the church, on Perfect Drive in Sunbury, court records show. The victim had an appointment with Williams that day, and a family member dropped her off at the church, Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost said yesterday.
Williams is accused of forcing her to perform oral sex before removing her clothes and assaulting her.
The girl and her family contacted police the next day and filed a report.
Sunbury Police Officer Rob Howard described the suspect-victim relationship as “acquaintance” on his report.
Investigators are unsure whether the girl is a member of Williams' church, but the two were familiar with each other, Sunbury Police Chief Pat Bennett said. He declined to elaborate. “We're still investigating. We're right in the middle of it.”
At this point, the investigation has not led to other victims, Yost said.
Sunbury Grace Brethren Church's congregation had merged with Grace Baptist. In 2006, the Sunbury Planning and Zoning Commission approved a request for a sign variance made by Williams. At the time, Williams said the merger was a good thing for both groups and that Grace Baptist was “ dwindling and struggling.”
Williams, who was being held in the Delaware County jail after his arrest, posted bond yesterday and was released. He was under house arrest and temporarily living with a church member on Berlin Station Road, Yost said.
A man who answered the phone at that house declined to comment.
A message left at Williams' residence was not returned yesterday.
Williams' attorney, Ross Long, did not return a phone message seeking comment.
The case could be presented to a Delaware County grand jury as soon as next week.
If convicted of rape, Williams could face up to 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine.
http://www.columbusdispatch.com/ ... 03/10/williams.html
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Macon pastor found guilty of bank fraud, money laundering

A jury found Macon pastor Onslow D. Ross guilty Monday on 54 of 56 counts, including bank fraud and money laundering.
In two other counts related to money that the government confiscated from Ross' grandmother, Rosa Mae Ross, the jury decided against the government, and a sum of $59,400.38 will be returned to her.
About 40 members of Ross' family, friends and members of his Reaching Souls Cathedral of Praise Apostolic Church were on hand throughout the trial, which began March 3 in U.S. District Court. Many of them wept or prayed silently while the verdict was being read.
Once the jury left the courtroom, their emotions were more pronounced.
Ross appeared stunned as the verdicts were read. Later, he wept and had to be comforted by his attorney, Debra Gomez, while waiting for the jury to return for its verdict on whether the government could keep the confiscated money.
"I lost my dad four months ago, and now I've lost my life," Ross said to supporters outside the courtroom while waiting for the jury. Ross declined to talk to reporters after the court session concluded.
Each guilty verdict carries a heavy penalty. For the bank fraud, Ross faces a maximum of 30 years in prison, plus a $1 million fine. For the 44 counts of money laundering, Ross could face 20 years in prison and a $500,000 fine on each count. For the eight counts of engaging in monetary transactions derived from unlawful activity, he could face 10 years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine on each count. Federal guidelines don't allow for parole.
Assistant U.S. Attorney George Christian asked U.S. District Judge Ashley Royal that Ross be held in custody during the approximately 60 days before sentencing, citing Ross as a possible flight risk. Royal said he would allow Ross to remain free until then, but he issued Ross a stern warning.
"Very few things make me mad," Royal told Ross. "Doing someone a favor, so to speak, and having them skip out of town," would be one of them.
"The U.S. Marshals are extremely efficient in bringing people back to court," the judge said.
The jury began deliberations Thursday afternoon. Monday, one juror had to be replaced because of illness, but the verdict came in a few hours later at 1:40 p.m.
"We were confident with the evidence we had," Christian said. "They presented a good-faith defense. But our witnesses and the cross-examination of their witnesses penetrated their defense. We were able to document so many inconsistencies in his statements that I believe it came down to the jury not believing" Ross.
Gomez said she thought there might be a different outcome because the jury took such a long time reaching its decisions.
"I'm very surprised by the verdict," she said. "With them out so long, I was anticipating a better verdict. But as I told (Ross), it's really hard to read human nature."
Gomez said Ross wants to appeal the case, but she has advised him to wait a few days before deciding.
"He said it was hard to go to prison for something he didn't do," she said.
Ross was accused of misappropriating $389,000 obtained from Alfa Insurance Co. and CB&T Bank to repair a collapsed roof on church property. The indictment against him said he forged a CB&T Banksignatureand deposited the check into a new account at Security Bank.
From that account, Ross made payments via cashier's checks to businesses and individuals, including members of his own family, the prosecution said.
At one point, some members of the jury sent a message to Royal, saying that they were concerned for their safety. Royal said he would speak with the U.S. Marshals Service about any safety issues.
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Cornerstone preacher held on molestation charges

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 03/12/08

An Alpharetta minister has been arrested for allegedly molesting two girls.
Gillett, a 38-year-old resident of Cherokee County, is being held without bond on charges that carry a potential life sentence.
An acquaintance of the victims reported the alleged abuse to a Cherokee County deputy Thursday afternoon, according to police reports.
The woman told the deputy that Gillett had been molesting at least one of the victims "for some time," police reports said.
The victim had confided in the woman, who, in turn, informed police.
Gillett was arrested Friday at his Alpharetta home, just inside Cherokee County.
Before starting Cornerstone on Atlanta Highway last year, Gillett had been a youth director at Midway United Methodist Church in Alpharetta.
Cherokee sheriff's department won't say how Gillett knew the two victims. Sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Jay Baker said both Cornerstone and Midway have been notified of the arrest.
"They are not members of (either) congregation, nor have we had any reports of other possible victims," Baker said.
Gillett was ordained last April at his father's church in Palmetto, Fla. He had worked for a year at Midway prior to his ordination.
He resigned last May under duress, before starting Cornerstone, said Midway's senior minister, the Rev. Calvin Haney.
"I'm not surprised that he may have been involved in something," Haney said. "But never would I have imagined that it would have been of this magnitude."
He declined to elaborate.
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Long Island priest is arrested on sex abuse charges

GARDEN CITY, N.Y. - The pastor of a Roman Catholic parish who was placed on administrative leave last year was arrested Wednesday on misdemeanor sex abuse and forcible-touching charges, prosecutors said.
The Rev. Gerald S. Twomey, of Our Lady of Fatima Church in Manorhaven, pleaded not guilty at his arraignment in First District Court in Central Islip and was released on his own recognizance. He is due back in court May 1.
Twomey is accused of accosting a man in a private home in Islip in March 2006, said Robert Clifford, a spokesman for Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota.
Twomey, 53, was suspended as pastor of the Manorhaven parish last June amid allegations he had abused a 10-year-old boy more than a decade earlier. Since being placed on administrative leave, Twomey "has not presented himself as a priest in public" and his been in a "supervised setting," Diocese of Rockville Centre spokesman Sean Dolan said.
"We're saddened by the news any time a priest is arrested," said Dolan, who added the diocese is cooperating with law enforcement.
Twomey's defense attorney did not return a telephone call seeking comment Wednesday.
In a May 31, 2007, letter to prosecutors, the diocese's Office for the Protection of Children and Young People said the allegations against Twomey regarding the boy stemmed from an incident "in the period of 1994-95" while he served as co-pastor of St. Anne Church in Brentwood.
Clifford said he had no information on the results of that investigation, other than to note the statute of limitations for sex abuse was five years at the time, so prosecutors were not likely to file criminal charges.
A Suffolk County grand jury report in early 2003 cited abuse cases involving 23 priests in the Rockville Centre diocese over several decades. The allegations included altar boys being groped and sodomized during church trips and overnight stays at priests' homes and many other instances when children were left alone with their abusers. None of those cases was prosecuted _ also because statutes of limitations had expired.
http://www.amny.com/news/local/w ... hurchabuse0312mar12,0,7126349.story
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Forsyth pastor arrested on molestation charges

March 13, 2008
ALPHARETTA – A Forsyth County pastor has been arrested on charges he allegedly molested two young teenage girls.

Derek Gillett, 38, of Alpharetta was arrested at his home in Cherokee County near the Forsyth County line March 7 on two counts of aggravated child molestation and two counts of sodomy.
Gillett is the pastor of the Cornerstone Community Church in Forsyth County.
He is being held in the Cherokee Adult Detention Center without bond.
Sgt. Jay Baker, a spokesman for the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office, said one of the young girls involved in the case "confided to a friend, and that [friend's] family reported the incident."
To protect the identity of the teenagers, the Sheriff's Office is not releasing their relationship to Gillett. However, he did say they were not members of his congregation.
There are no reports of additional victims, and Baker said the Sheriff's Office is not aware of any other arrests for similar charges involving Gillett.
Cherokee County District Attorney Garry T. Moss would not speculate on when Gillett could be expected to request a bond hearing or what the specific charges will be at this time.
"The crimes against him are very serious, and a lot of them require mandatory minimum service time," he said.
A start-up organization, Gillett's church held its services at Midway Elementary School.
Jennifer Caracciolo, director of public information and communications for Forsyth County Schools, said Cornerstone Community Church had used Midway for two weeks, but it was not uncommon for community groups to use schools on weekends.
"School facilities are available for community use for local non-profits, business partners and government agencies," she said. "Numerous churches meet in our schools because they are centrally located. This also allows start-up churches to keep expenses low before constructing a building."
She said representatives from the church contacted the school administration March 13 and notified them they would no longer be meeting at Midway.
Before leaving to start Cornerstone a little more than a year ago, Gillett worked as a youth director with Midway United Methodist Church in Forsyth County.
Ed Tomlinson is the Atlanta/Roswell district superintendent for the United Methodist Church. He said Gillett was never credentialed in the church officially, though he did express interest in becoming ordained.
"He asked a few questions, but never submitted the documentation," said Tomlinson.
In the Methodist Church, it is common for non-credentialed volunteers to work in the organization. Tomlinson said the church ran a full criminal history and background check on Gillett before allowing him to work with children. It came up clean.
"There was never anything like this that came forward [during his tenure]," said Tomlinson.
Calls to Gillett's attorney, Marc N. Curat, were not immediately returned.
http://www.northfulton.com/Artic ... tation_charges.html
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Man in sexual abuse case worked as a pastor

WINFIELD - Putnam County's sheriff says a local pastor accused of sexually abusing female relatives might have used his position to gain church members trust.
Paul D. Smeltzer, 40, formerly of Scott Depot, has been arrested twice in the past year on charges that he sexually abused female relatives: first in May 2007, and again last Thursday.
Smeltzer "was involved with" church activities in Kanawha and Putnam counties, Putnam Sheriff Mark Smith said Tuesday. He worked as a pastor at one of the churches.
"Many times, people who have this kind of inclination, they get in a position like that to perpetrate their crime," Smith said.
Smith would not name the churches where Smeltzer worked, saying that would "make the churches a victim, too."
But according to published reports, Smeltzer became a part-time pastor in December 2006 at First Christian Church of St. Albans Disciples of Christ.
A man who answered at the church Tuesday afternoon quickly hung up the phone after Smeltzer's name was mentioned.
Smeltzer also "had some kind of computer business," Smith said.
In his most recent arrest, Smeltzer is accused of taping himself sexually abusing three relatives who were staying at his house on McCloud Road in Scott Depot. The girls are now between the ages of 7 and 9.
When he was arrested last week, Smeltzer was living on Washington Street East in Charleston, according to court papers. He is charged with three counts each of first-degree sexual assault and sexual abuse by a parent or guardian.
Last May, Smeltzer was arrested in Putnam County after a different female relative told police he sexually assaulted her when she was between the ages of 6 and 7, and again when she was between the ages of 12 and 13.
Last week, a Putnam grand jury indicted him on charges related to those allegations. But prosecutors dismissed the indictment after police discovered new evidence that more girls were victimized, Smith said.
The prosecutors hope to reindict Smeltzer on all the charges combined, Smith said.
According to a criminal complaint, a Putnam sheriff's deputy seized computer equipment from Smeltzer's home in Scott Depot. A team from the FBI analyzed the computer.
"Found on the computer was homemade video showing three young girls sleeping in a bed," the complaint stated. "The video also shows a man's hand and arm pulling away the covers, pulling the girls' underwear to the side, and [sexually abusing them]."
Smeltzer's wife identified Smeltzer's hand, arm and jewelry in the video, the complaint stated. The tape depicted a bedroom in their home and was made some time between November 2003 and April 2007.
Smeltzer will likely face more charges because federal agents are investigating him for child pornography, Smith said.
Smith asked parents whose children might have been in contact with Smeltzer to speak with their children. Anyone with information can call the department at 586-0256.
"These last three victims did not come forward. We discovered them," Smith said. "As in other cases like this, there are other victims out there. We'd like them to come forward."
Smeltzer had worked at churches in California before moving to West Virginia with his family in 2003, according to an article published in the Gazette when Smeltzer became pastor at the church in St. Albans.
In California, Smeltzer served as a leader for the student ministry at Community Bible Church in Mira Mesa. In 2002, he graduated from the Southern California Bible College and Seminary in El Cajon. He then was a director of children's ministry at Calvary Chapel Mira Mesa.
After moving to West Virginia, Smeltzer played guitar for two years at Foundations Community Church, according to the article.
Smeltzer is being held on a $300,000 bond at Western Regional Jail.
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Pastor Accused Of Raping Teenage Girl


Monday,  March 10, 2008 5:11 PM

DELAWARE, Ohio — A pastor posted bond and was ordered on house arrest after a teenager girl claimed that he raped her inside a church office last Thursday.
According to prosecutors, a 15-year-old girl met pastor Brian Williams inside the Grace Brethren Church last week to discuss school grades, 10TV's Maureen Kocot reported.
The next day the girl told police that Williams had raped her.
Williams, 45, posted bond and was released from custody a short time after appearing in court. Neither he nor his lawyer spoke about the accusations, Kocot reported.
Williams helped found the Grace Brethren Church in Sunbury four years ago, Kocot reported.
He has no prior record.
The church's associate pastor told 10TV News that the church had little to say about the rape accusation.
"We really desire to make as little comment as we can," said pastor Jerry Funston. "We're very sorry that these things are taking place."
The case will move to a grand jury that will decide whether there is sufficient evidence to file formal charges.
Watch 10TV News and refresh 10TV.com for additional information.
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-- 由壯士自己裡應外合,即可財色兼收!

太 12:29 人怎能進壯士家裡、搶奪他的家具呢、除非先捆住那壯士、纔可以搶奪他的家財。

Pastor faces robbery, rape rap
18 March 2008
Ntwaagae Seleka

A pastor and four other people, a woman and three men, yesterday appeared in the Vereeniging magistrate’s court in connection with the robbery and rape of two women who are members of the pastor’s church.
Pastor Mohau Motsekwa, 40, Portia Bulane, 22, Lefu Hlaphosa, 32, Sifiso Mtshali, 31, and Mzwandile Kunene, 29, appeared before magistrate Bruno van Eeden during bail application.
It is alleged that Motsekwa sent his four co-accused to rob the church members in Orange Farm, in the Vaal, last month.
Motsekwa and Kunene were released on R3000 bail each while Hlaphosa, Mtshali and Bulane’s bail applications were denied.
In his testimony, investigating officer Thabiso Mokoena said Motsekwa had asked the four to steal a keyboard and speakers that he would keep for himself. Then the four had to steal money and a laptop for themselves from the Kingdom Community Church where he was a pastor.
Mokoena said on February 9, Bulane, Hlaphosa and Mtshali went to the church where they found two women aged 32 and 45 .
“Bulane asked for accommodation and she was told that there was no such in the church. Then Hlaphosa and Mtshali told the women to cooperate with them or they would be killed.”
The two men allegedly tied the women up and covered their mouths with Sellotape. The women were then raped. The robbers later fled with the victims’ cellphones.
Hlaphosa and Mtshali were “positively identified by the victims during identification parade”. Some of the stolen items were later recovered by the police.
The case was postponed to May 5.
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Retired city priest removed from ministry following abuse allegation

Monday, March 17, 2008 11:51 AM EDT
Rev. Bento R. Fraga (File photo)
ATTLEBORO - A retired priest from Holy Ghost Church in Attleboro has been removed from the ministry following allegations of improper sexual assault dating back to the late 1970s, the Diocese of Fall River announced today.
The Rev. Bento R. Fraga has denied the allegations, but in accordance with diocesan and U.S. bishops' policy he has been stripped of church "faculties."
That means he is not allowed to minister as a priest, live in housing affiliated with a parish or live at a priests' retirement facility.
Although Fraga retired as a pastor in June 2005 and is not assigned to any parish, he has been living at St. Anthony Parish in Taunton, where he frequently assisted.
Allegations against Fraga were reported to the Fall River Diocese in January and were turned over to the Diocese Review Board for investigation, the diocese reported.
After a full investigation, the board found the allegations credible, the Diocese reported.
The accusation is a single claim of sexual misconduct with a minor that allegedly occurred in 1979 at a private residence. At the time, Fraga was serving as pastor of Holy Ghost.
A letter from Bishop George Coleman explaining the removal of Fraga from the ministry was distributed at Masses last weekend at all parishes where he has been assigned since his ordination in 1956.
The diocese has reported the allegations to the Barnstable County District Attorney's Office.
http://www.thesunchronicle.com/a ... 17/news/news001.txt
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Youth pastor faces charges for sex with girl

A youth pastor had sex with a teenage girl in his offices at the Berea Baptist Church over a span of two years, police said today.
Jeremy Workman, 32, was charged last week with unlawful sexual contact with a minor and possession of criminal tools. He is being held on $250,000 bond. Workman resigned from the church in January. The girl was 15 and in the youth group when the two began their sexual relationship. She is now 19 and pregnant with his child, police said.
Workman served as the church's youth pastor since 2000.
"This kind of evil behavior takes place frequently in secular venues, but when it occurs in a holy setting like God's House, it is especially grevious," Pastor Kenneth Spink said in a statement.
Workman also worked part time in the weight room of the Berea Recreation Center, said police Chief Mark Schultz. No work-related problems were ever reported.
Workman resigned from his job at the church in January, weeks after he learned that the girl was pregnant. He left the church because of the affair, though it appeared there had been nothing illegal, Berea police Detective Dennis Bort said.
The police investigation began in late February, when a church official brought copies of seven e-mails Workman and the teenager exchanged that included discussions about sex.
The investigation took a bit longer because authorities had to track down Workman. After he left the church, he took courses to become a truck driver. Bort was able to locate him in California, and Workman agreed to return to Ohio.
Bort said Workman and the girl stopped their relationship when teenager was 17, when she had a boyfriend and later went off to college. During a break from school, the two met again, he said.
http://blog.cleveland.com/metro/ ... es_charges_for.html
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黑人牧師藉驅魔強姦女教徒                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        2008年1月14日




新聞來源:《東 方 日 報》


Pastor gets 4 years for sex assault on woman
Mar 27, 2008 04:30 AM
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         A Toronto pastor who sexually assaulted and deliberately impregnated aparishioner, threatening her with evil spirits unless she yielded tohis demands, has been sentenced to four years in prison.
Rev.Frank Seeko Lawrence "grossly abused his position as pastor andspiritual healer by threatening a vulnerable and trusting young woman,"Superior Court Justice Edward Belobaba said yesterday.
On Jan.10, a jury convicted the 59-year-old man of sexually assaulting thevictim, while acquitting him of assaulting and threatening to kill her.Jurors also acquitted the father of 11 of sexually assaulting anotherwoman by whom he also fathered a child.
Belobaba ruled that thejury's verdict means the pastor of Toronto Mount Zion Revival Church isguilty of fondling and touching, as well as five to 10 instances offorced sexual intercourse, between April and December 2003, when thevictim was 24. The Toronto-born woman, who cannot be named, gave birthto a girl as a result.
"He fully intended to make her pregnantand he succeeded in doing so," the judge said. Belobaba quoted Lawrenceas once asking the woman, "What is taking you so long to get pregnant?"and warning her, "If you're using any birth control, the spirits willknow."
The victim's mother brought her to Lawrence for spiritualhealing when she was 17. He gave her "spiritual baths," for which hecharged $150, to get rid of evil spirits.
In early 2003, she argued with her mother, left home and began renting a room in Lawrence's house.
Amonth later the sexual assaults began. "He took advantage of her beliefin curses ... and he threatened her with evil spirits if she didn'tacquiesce to his sexual advances," the judge said.
Outside court,defence lawyer Anthony Robbins said he would be seeking bail todaypending appeal. "My client is innocent. I cannot comment on thereasonableness of the sentence," he said.
By way of mitigation,the judge noted that Lawrence has no criminal record and is much lovedand admired by his parishioners, to whom he is "generous andcompassionate." Nine female and two male supporters were in courtyesterday.

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