The government directly funded 6% of the highschool.  They are non-religious.
For 38.5% of the subsidized school, not all are religious.  Of those that are religious, not all are Christians.
For the ones that is buying seat, it is a simliar situation.
The 9% private school is still the same.

Conclusion, you have more than 6% of the seat from non-Chistian school.
回復 38# Nomad

Note that functional group and the election committe for Chief executive are different.
回復 42# dye

Except you can join them, get through their test, and become on the the election member, then have a choice.
It's a long test, not many people get there, but by the same means, it's a choice.
本帖最後由 dye 於 2010/7/6 15:03 編輯

It is not Hong Kong people did not involve.  But Hong Kong people is not ALLOWED to be involved.

It is then a British colony.  It is now a PRC "colony"

When people in HK is fighting for democracy, they are fighting to be involved to begin with.

If everyone in Legco is elected by the populace today, HK people will have 'some' influence over the matter.
回復 43# Nomad

THe election of the functional group is complex.  Not all are corporate vote.  Many of them are individual vote.
回復 41# dye

First thing get REALLY clear about this, 6% public school, means 6% schools FUNDING, OWNED, AND RUN by government. That is, what you claimed, to be "Public High", would mean in any other parts of the world, which I proved to be under 6%. I did NOT refer, however, to all non-Christian choices, and that includes the concern of the fact that most of them are underfunded, under-ranked, (therefore has no selection of students), and therefore consistently botched. (particularly that poor PLK, they never had the ability to hire good teachers, at all)

That's our stupid EDB tool on school searching (high school)
Total number of schools: 459
Total number of Protestant "funded" schools: 123
Total number of Protestant "direct subsidized" schools: 22
Total number of Catholics "funded" schools: 82
Total number of Catholics "direct subsidized" schools: 6
Total number of subsidized schools EXCLUDING schools subsidized on a attendee basis: 233
Percentage: 50.76
A good assumption is most schools, particularly excluding Rural Area, in which public and non-religious schools has a higher percentile, is of similar size, which means funded religious schools takes up 50% of the seats, and with a circularly rating system, most government funding.
Had the Basic Law been change and refuse to maintain the status quo then, would the government then be able to maintain the stability before and during the handover?

The promise to keep thing unchange for 50 years serve a purpose then, and may have consequences today (just like the civil servant's high salary)  But how can you have the present without a past?
回復 44# dye

Nope, they did. By "fighting" to be involved they DID fight to get a certain intrepretation of the basic law, and by any means, the same kind of protesting can certainly be done for ANY OTHER PARTS of the basic law, just like they did to Article 23, which is "postponed indefinitely". Was there a single protest for the rights discussed in this threat by the HK public that has anything even remotely comparable to that scale? No, period. Not even 1/10, 1/100, nor even 1/1000.
No they cannot.  Article 23 is not changed and cannot be changed.  The protest simply stop it from moving forward.
回復 47# dye

No, you can't have a present without a past, but who lives on the past, using it as an excuse not to deal with things they don't want to, won't ever get to the future, because they dwell on it. What I have shown, is even that was a limitation of the past is shown in Basic Law, just like how Article 23 is effectively ignored, if the people ever has any piece of a bit of determination, that piece of freedom is FAR EASIER, than, for example, universal suffrage 2012.

And then again, a people who cares only about voting but not their constitutional rights has clearly been shown in history - it's called German Republic post WWI.

The reason why past exist, most of the time, is that we need to learn a lesson from it.
回復 49# dye

It is that simple: is there even a mentioning of legislation of Art. 23 now? No, it's postponed indefinitely, period.
回復 46# Nomad

The fully funded school is definitely not religious.
The subsidize school may not be Christian.

I am not the one mentioning 6%, you are.

I am only saying that there are choices other than Christian school.
They do have a protest against the government reform the school system.  They are concern, just not in your particular narrow topic.
回復 52# dye

回復  Nomad

You can pick your public highschool in HK.  You HAVE a choice.

For exampl ...
dye 發表於 2010/7/6 14:18
回復 53# dye

Which means they simply don't care about their own religious freedom, and what's a people who would freely submit that? Someone in one of those "Islamic Republic" maybe?
回復 54# Nomad

And not including the tracking problem part, that's what I replied:

Yeah, you have a choice  - some 6% of people, with some prohibiting exam selection can choose to enter a public school because that's all the government is providing*, provided that some 50% of them will end up in church school JUST BECAUSE THERE'LL BE NOWHERE ELSE to go.

Of which I certainly has demonstrated the calculation.
186 school with no religious background
23 budhism school
7 Taoism
1 Islam
1 confucian
5 listed as other (other than above and Chritsian, in which 4 of them is really confucian, 1 Christian)

Compare with
88 Catholic
and 147 Christian

From the link you provided.
There are more options. It is not either fully funded government highschool, or Christian subsidize school.
本帖最後由 dye 於 2010/7/6 15:43 編輯

回復 55# Nomad

If the government is begining to force people into believing, they will care.  But right now, the government is not doing much.

There are other pressing issues.

To press the point, not EVERYONE in US sue the government over the Patriot Act.  Do we conclude the US citizen do not caer about their freedom at all?  Are they willing to live under a dictatorship?
回復 54# Nomad

You do have a choice in picking a school
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