Agent 沙文,

After investigation, not every women could tell us where their G-spot is.

And for that purpose, not everyone who could tell where their G spot is would call out to god.

From speculation, only women who has god touched their G-spot would call out to god. If your woman call out to god instead of you when you touch her g-spot. You really have to think about who else have touched her g-spot.
Following up report:

After further investigation, it is very liklely there is no suspect named god, but it is just generic term for whoever touched these women g-spot.

Over and out.
Agent 沙文,

I think you are the one who has made the mistake of jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Biologically speaking, it is very likely that all women have G-spot.

But only women who have been that have been "touched by the suspect god" would call out "oh my god".

From previous investigation, women do call out "my name" when I touched their g-spot. Or simply called out "yes, yes, oh yes, right there, yes, yes yes....."

I would suggest you do some investigation into it, and hopefully remove the "suspect god" from her/their minds.

Yours Sincerely
Agent 沙文,

Dont' be silly.

Other people may have made that mistake, but not you and I. You have underestimated my investigative power.

clitoris is on the outside, near the vaginal entry.
G-Spot on the other hand is inside the vagina, about an inch and half in. And using your left finger is as good as your right finger.

As it is inside the vagina, and the Church discourage women to masturbation, that is probably explained why many church going women could not locate their own G spot.

Also, it is also the main selling point of new sex toys. The previous style sex toys were mostly made to look like a penis. Now, it is more like a weird alien device.

Further on that point, there is more reason why the Church has fallen behind in the sex thing. And would they call out to god when they reach their g spot is still in question, unless of course her g spot has been "touched by god".

Hope this will clarify things for you.

Further point for investigation, "loving discipline or sexual spanking", how Catholic schools run child sex games legally for so long.

Yours sincerely.
My apology.

For me, it is evidence that these women are thinking of someone else. Probably because of my own preference for atheist women that lead to this misundertanding.

Then hope to hear more about your advantures in the nearest future. This topic does worthy far more investiagation, especially in term of field experience.

keep up the good work.
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