animals! attack! (joke)

A:  Committing Animal Cruelty'll be kicked into HELL or will reincarnate into some ppl whom'll be stampeded by larger animals! Animals' spirits'll be revenging'em!

B:  te*rorists kill many humans! Those who commit Animal Cruelty're as same as te*rorists! You Know!

C:  Those ones who committed Animal Cruelty were already kicked into here earth-hell & reincarnated into every human here whom were stampeded & killed by larger beings--te*rorists--which were those slain animals' reincarnations! Animals' spirits had already revenged'em!

A & B, please Choose: You'd rather be as same as animals here or You'd rather be as same as humans here?
Demonic spiritual-sequel:

x is shit, usefulnessless, he seemed to be able to defeat some demon on mountain but later still drove some other demons into pigs to let pigs die!

Some animals frogs, rats etc can act apparent death, playing dead, feigning death. What if, when they are feigning death, someone still put them into oven etc to bake, cook them?

thomas seemed to be able to still put finger into x's wounds so x's wounds had never be cured but what if x was turned into minces? If he resurrected then x's minces walk then talk then fly away?

I admit if I'm the first human or there is only me now, I shall not eat animals, I'll not hew them! Only eat vegetable, egg, at those times, even never search for animal corpses after forest fire!

But those ones so called to be the first humans adams eva were unlucky that even eating a fruit would be punished then nowadays that fruit was even turned into (or revealed to be) sexual innuendos metaphor, crap!

That evil snake had not feigned death after the event then that shitty self-proclaimed creator left behind adams eva and said they belonged to death from then on? Later need someone to resurrect to eternal lives? Usefulnessless again, adams eva should blame them! Evil snake should attack shitty self-proclaimed creator cuz, plus examples above, that shitty self-proclaimed creator dragged 'the not-yet-died' into 'worse than being dead' but promoted 'the usefulnessless' to 'eternal lives'!
Transcended from any official unofficial canonical noncanonical shitcrap-larded demonic tainted spiritual-sequel:

A: x kills thousands of pigs, however x says if it loses one sheep then it leaves behind all sheep to find that missing sheep? When it goes to find that sheep, x's hostiles head to steal all of its sheep at its farmfield.

B: No, x has many slaves to defend his farmfield. What about the pigs? Which pig is lost so it kills thousands of pigs? x itself? Cuz its name means 'pig' in some languages?

C: x is unqualified to be pig!

C: Oh, toggle the vegetable-fruits and meat now, go, reverse the linear steps to break his theory, just like x did to curse its bad craps to others and steal others' stuffs.

B: So, x's mincers, evil snake, animals, pigs, rats, frogs, are fruits? The animals which buddha calms down from their angers, the animals which listen buddha, are fruits? Egg is the seed, no, egg is not the seed, egg = the title 'fruit'?

A: The forbidden apple, etc, are meat? Plus, x curses some fig tree, which is similar to the fig tree for buddha's enlightenment, etc, are meat?

A, B, C shout: That self proclaimed creator is a partial coconut, if this partial coconut is meat, then some monkeys throw many coconuts not just a partial coconut to hurt ppl, those monkeys are fruits? Aw. The same outcome is the same outcome, shitcrap, partial coconut is still a badness which hurt ppl! Cre... Crapeator? Cuntreator? Before minions followed it, x itself had already been promoter, terminator, sweeper... All die......
......'He' is inside 'them', 'they' are inside 'him'? Better using 'it'... One of x's mincers can contain all ppl and things, every person can contain all things, including x, buddha etc, until that day you know you never "bite the hand that feeds you" but "bite the hand that feeds you poisons drugs toxins".

Some of those x-ppl's personalities are still not bad, they sometimes somehow increase some of my success rates, but the way which they train and temper their souls for themselves are somehow evil mishmash ways, their religion backgrounds/bosses always control/drive them! Similar to, using knife only for some food, but if go on, they hew good ones, I'll not.

Those not-bad ones must not betray their bosses, it's unlikely for'em. They seem to be immune to this control, as rats eat shits but still survive or some cin... cinderella can befriend mouses, which original kinds of ancestors' cells can make all ppl have potentials to truly survive under that circumstance plus all other worse circumstances? Perhaps never be being survived under those circumstances is good for the minds... would rather depend on other ways if survive at them!

Training animals by sending food after they perform successfully, with these such higher success rates. Animals are somewhat hard to beat their tamers masters slayers, simply never concern about evil snake adams eva or that self proclaimed creator partial coconut whothehell wins or not...

if I suddenly blame administrators here, saying they did commit and will be committing all badnesses above/below then this sentence'll be gone even more they seem to be never commit'em/all of'em to some degrees. Noone can suddenly make extra graphs on here without brutal forces, foolluck flukes, programmers, hacking ones, ghosts etc!

By the pattern recognition remnant, I see these graphs later just the time I open tv at 0:30, 6:30, 19:30, other ppl'll not, for example. Therefore I can only use fingers to add this at this second:



If some of those not-bad x-ppl were just the ruler-creators him/her/themselves thousands of years ago then it would still be better than partial coconut but they cannot be reincarnated from partial coconut and x, since there are bigger chances for partial coconut and x to incarnate or reincarnate into those x-ppl's evil bosses and colleagues whom use those not-bad x-ppl as covers, cannon fodders, baits, showoff puppets etc.

x's mincers can be assembled into any form to parasite and act out all ppl, that self proclaimed creator aka partial coconut is still a partial one who kills some but protects some. Hypocrisy......
......At hell:

A: Some animals can escape from slaughterhouses, let them go! At last I know, butchers are good, they slaughter animals before animals jump out of the frying pan into the fire!

B: At last I know te*rorists are good since their existence can let ppl think butchers are better, te*rortists kill those ones before those ones are abused and killed by their own xtian bosses!

C: I would say, though I hate you all, but you must not downgrade yourselves to compromise these. You know, if I reincarnate to any animal, I'm upgrading myself; if I reincarnate to any deity, I'm downgrading myself. How can I pass upgrades to the uninvited if they are miscellaneous or they were not needed, why'll I see the extras suddenly appear to let them have those things, the next steps they seem to be able to continue those things easily but later they lose incredibly? They lose at the 30th steps, then later they really die at age 30? ...30 again......

A: All those faults are not my faults, those were my ancestors' faults, so I do goodness now!

B: That's why you meet me, we hide the badnesses in our minds' graves then show off any goodness toward ppl, a hypocrite meets another hypocrite, somehow unintentionally ignore any real good person if they come!

A: Animal Cruelty, A merges C...  Butcher, B out...

B: Butcher Cruelty, B merges C...  Animal, A out...

A: IIIIIIIIIIII am that real good person!

B: Ya're not, but C is, so C hadn't appeared during our previous talking! Pull C to here now!

(Then C wipes out the souls of A and B, similar to butchers te*rorists xtians did to someone, then C reincarnates to Cself, back to decades ago......)

If I never eat it this day, that part of the pig corpse at this market will expire or will be expired! It's soul will be crying! Butchers, be it! Cry...

Getting rid of self proclaimed creator the partial coconut and x! Te*rorists, be it! Cry...???

However, these are still easier than solving those of some such evil issues......

The 'act of writing/action of writing' is The 'act of writing/action of writing'. Explanations are merely illusions!

Hard to tell the recurring and reoccurring issues about the slain creatures. Only those who are at the corresponding circumstances can know and suffer!

So, when I consider it's the result, another stuff emerges just that moment? Although others' viewpoints can often immediately be really solving'em via other conditionings and those yields, if I say'em again then those'll be the 'control, copy, replace, etc' but when it is invoked again...

Somehow, money always suddenly stands between the end and the next beginning,

Before I think or write these, strange smell always appear, strange voices which contain some x-aiders' contents from street usually appear to forbid me! Reminding that thinking of xtians beside ppl then their devices suddenly... within pattern recognition... thinking of'em beside pig corpses at markets, pig corpses are still pig corpses, unlike humans, so pigs are greater! Praise all pigs now!

If I say pigs, attack! They'll not attack, they sleep. If I say pigs, (I'll) attack (you)! Hey, I'll not say this... it was x sent demons into pigs, if I was being at that scene I let those demons head back into x, then pigs would escape or still slept at that location... and truly die later, so pigs are greater......

A's scattered soul's ash:  We never need to wait until the things come, always consider this is the end and do them immediately, do them immediately as today is the end day!

B's scattered soul's ash:  The destination is almost here! If we never sell ourselves to the destination, why did we still do all these deeds? They will be in vain!

C & pigs' souls:  We never need to wait until the things come cuz what we have been doing every moment is just this destination! We never sell ourselves to the destination & all these deeds will still not be in vain cuz this destination itself has just been being all the things which you have mentioned you'll do them immediately in the first & last place! If ya can't reach the destination, ya just take money racket here? Ya all put many ppl to be opfers inside one prophecy, close, close to death again again...

C & reincarnated pigs:  Every moment we lay here but we are not being lazy, waiting, or those false positive false negative carpe diem immediate profits, we realize those prophecies are crap, check the space-time inside nerves, pigs never concern about they are being one of the opfers from the entire prophecies then every moment pigs' sleeping or some actions are truer than those millennium prophecypunks!

All cognitive biases and pattern recognition, recited by pigs... how to prove the bad worthless craps are not ended? They contain many bad habits, they are easy to be invoked again, much easier than the true stuffs. If I consider it ended, it's a false thought... Hate it, that self proclaimed creator aka partial coconut, and x, and some shits are the ones who need to vanish!
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